Serge Sargsian: Main Speculator Of October 27 Cases Is One Of People


Noyan Tapan
March 14, 2008

YEREVAN, MARCH 14, NOYAN TAPAN. "The tragedy of October 27 was really
speculated during the campaign and was speculated with mastery,"
RA Prime Minister, newly-elected President of the country Serge
Sargsian said in response to the questions of citizens during the
broadcast of the Public TV of Armenia on March 13. According to him,
"the speculator knew, who it was directed at and how much it will
hurt me. That person had just forgotten that we, unfortunately,
have learnt to grit the teeth and do our work," he said. He also
mentioned that ha has once said that the most strange for him was
the charge that he is from Karabakh, however, the most sorrowful one
was the speculation of October 27: "Sorrowful because on October 27
I lost my friend, my companion-in-arms, my friend in difficulties,
the friend, due to the will and power of whom we managed to do
very serious work. Vazgen felt the danger, the evil earlier than
we all, that was why he stood in front of that danger with all his
strength. And now that tragedy is speculated by a kind of people,
who were extremely happy on October 27 and the main speculator is a
man of that very kind," Serge Sargsian said. According to him, there
are people in our society, who criticise Vazgen Sargsian and consider
that he created the Yerkrapah and tried to bring the fighting boys
into politics. "I assure you that it was not the initiative of Vazgen
and , in general, I consider the speculation of October 27 to be one
of the main immoral attempts," Serge Sargsian repeated.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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