If We Were Not Able To Prevent March 1 Events, We Are To Blame, Serg


Noyan Tapan
March 14, 2008

YEREVAN, MARCH 14, NOYAN TAPAN. On March 13, RA Prime Minister, newly
elected President Serge Sargsian answered the questions of citizens
asked through Internet. The most part of the questions addressed to
the Prime Minister regarded the events that happened in Yerevan early
in the morning of March 2.

In response to the question of whether he feels responsibility for
the events in Yerevan, the Prime Minister said that certainly he
feels. In his words, he, he team-mates, and the other presidential
candidates have repeatedly expressed such anxiety. However, "we
were not able to prevent and if we were not able to prevent, it
means that we are to blame, we are guilty," the Prime Minister said
adding: "However, today we should think not about the extent of the
fault, but should think how to liquidate the consequences of that
tragedy. In my opinion, the most correct way will be our good work,
the most correct way will be implementation of reforms in our society,
the most correct way will be that after our first steps of principle
the people is convinced that it has done a right choice."

In response to the question "in consideration of the latest events,
what feelings did you have after the elections" S. Sargsian said:
"Under usual conditions, after such elections, after finding a
format of political cooperation, agreement, it could be indeed a
holiday. However, the post-electoral processes, certainly, delivered
a blow not only to the elections, but also to whole our people,
our state, to the mood of all of us." "Certainly, I am not glad
now, certainly, I am pained: but this pain should make us not cry,
not become passive, but this pain should make us act, as only with
action we can achieve success, only with action we can restore the
authority of our state, our people, our authorities," S. Sargsian said.

In response to questions about himself and his nearest circle
S. Sargsian categorically refuted the rumors of his being a gambler
and visiting gambling houses, having a share in all big businesses
in Armenia.