Armenian destiny

Hayots Ashkharh Daily, Armenia
Nov 29 2007


The ship `Vera Voloshin’ that has been damaged, due to the storm
in Kerch Channel was transporting 12 excavators and cranes ordered by
the official dealer `Ivtrans’ of the companies `New Holland’ and
`Iveco’ in Armenia. The excavators and cranes are not allowed to
bring out of the ship.
The administrative director of the company Nara Hayrapetyan said
that the problem of the delay is that the investigation is in process
and the company `Baggio S.P.A’ that transports the cargo and is the
owner of the ship is not engaged in the questions linked with the
accident. It is the insurance company `British Marin’ that carries
out this activity. `At present we are holding negotiations with the
representatives of the insurance company, but there is no result
yet,’ N. Hayrapetyan said.
She also said, though `Vera Voloshin’ is the only rescued ship, it
has been split into two parts and they don’t have any information to
what extent have the excavators been damaged. `Our company had 15
parcels of cargoes in the ship from which two that were on board the
ship, fall into the water during the storm and the other 13 that were
in the lower part of the ship, according to the insurance company
have been hermitically covered and water didn’t reach them. At
present it is difficult to say to what extent have the cargoes been
damages,’ N. Hayrapetyan said.