This is the truth

Hayots Ashkharh Daily, Armenia
Nov 29 2007


Although, having made a decision to unite with the Armenian
Liberal Democratic (Ramkavar) Party, SAMVEL BABAYAN promised to give
the name of his favored presidential candidate and bring specific
facts to substantiate his attitude towards the rest only after the
January session, he, nonetheless, answered some questions of `Hayots
`Mr. Babayan when will you make a decision regarding your favored
`Let’s wait till the nominations and registration are over, and
then we’ll say everything. As to the analyses made in the press with
regard to the political arena, they mainly they do not, mainly,
correspond to reality. I believe, many people make haste in their
assessments. Processes may develop after the registrations as well.’
`Do you think some of the registered candidates will withdraw
their candidacies?’
`Yes, I do. During the joint session with the members of
`Ramkavar’ party our attitudes will already be clear. We will say
what faction and what candidate we are going to support, and we will
substantiate our attitude.’
`What about the ex-President’s statements regarding Artsakh and
the fight for freedom? Do you consider them dangerous?’
`Yes. If a person who used to be the country’s top figure had
realized that he was also publicizing state secrets, he wouldn’t have
spouted blasphemy in the address of the large crowd. For 17 years
they have spoken and written whatever they wanted to speak and write
about me. And I never made any response. But now they are threatening
to publicize state secrets. They are trying to intimidate the people
through blackmail and forcing them to be in their camp. They are also
speculating my name; therefore, I am obliged to speak.
Some media disseminate false information as though Samvel Babayan
has said that the people of Armenia haven’t fought. There is no
problem in terms of being an inhabitant of Karabakh or Armenia. The
people of Armenia fought even better than those of Karabakh.
Everybody knows that the whole Armenian nation has fought. But there
are questions that do not have to be discussed now. We’ll have time
for that as well.
`Why was Serge Sargsyan invited to Armenia for work?’
`Vazgen Manoukyan resigned from the post of Defense Minister in
May. They could appoint only someone who would also be acceptable for
the political opposition and who wouldn’t be vulnerable. It was
impossible not to consider the effective work in Artsakh, so they
appointed Serge Sargsyan.
The reason is very clear, and there’s nothing to speculate or fail
to understand. We had made a decision in Karabakh and requested that
our proposal be approved, since we had to create a rear support and
ensure that we’d get no stab on the back. This is the truth.’
`What are your comments on Safar Abiev’s statements that there is
100 per cent likelihood for war?’
`Let him say whatever he wants. We have taught Abiev a good lesson
several times. We’ll repeat it once more…’