NKR: To Moderate Wishes


Azat Artsakh Tert, Nagorno Karabakh Republic
Nov 13 2007

The newspaper of "Aravot" placed a photo of a car with the following
words on an issue on the first page. "Foreign cars are not rare in
Armenia". But, perhaps, too less owners of such cars can think to get
state numbers cars with own initials on it (the owners’ name’s and
surname’s first letters). They get car state numbers for satisfying
their boundless high, ambitions. The matter is not that someone or
dozens of people owned state personal numbers and pay much money for
that. The defect of such actions is in another thing. There is no
end in human wishes and if they are not directed to legal river-bed
restricted by law, the thirst for owning and mastering, undoubtedly,
will bring to destruction of public and state bases. Let me explain
this sociologic expression clearer. When a man is half-starved, his
mind thinks about food. As soos as the food is reachable for him he
begins to think about cheese and butter. And when he gets them, the
sausage and chop become wishable and so on. After having ordinary
roof, then mansion, making voyages to Mediterranean, Pacific ocean
islands, the wish oroginates in him to own these islands. And so ,till
endlessness. I want to say that in the former-Union space, moreover,
in our Armenian reality, the state must outline the wishes of those
officials strictly who serve in its structures. But when it’s not done,
all the efforts of the authorities to make the construction qualitable,
become useless, senseless. And first of all, it’s senseless in such a
situation to have a hope for any improve of the sphere of personnel,
therefore it’s senseless also from the point of view of the sphere’s
organization. For clear discussion of our problems I often refer to
the Russian reality. First. we have much in common with Russia: the
same political system is in action. Second is that V. Putin unlike
our leaders comparebly often criticizes the state machine. Two weeks
ago in his national call "Message to the Federal Assembly" by name,
he said the following. "Our army consists of one million and 300
thousand soldiers officers but they were not defenders. Mobile forces
are only 54 thousand but scattered in different provinces of the
country". V. Putin meant the following: armed technics, finance for the
army, the military educational establishment are available ,meanwhile,
the organisational work is absent. The expression of "organisational
work" means that he people who are able to organize definite work,
affair, that’s, if there are no people, there is no personnel. But
I’ll say in such a way: the people as skilled specialists are always
available in any sphere. It would be more correct to say that there’s
no basis for their professional growth. Public-political land is so
contageous that even the sprouts, young branches become withered and
stop growing. Above the written, if the selected personnel is better
and qualitable, they will not grow in today’s public. Political
land, will not take roots, unless the land is cleared. I’ll be more
concrete. Let’s propose that for middle level of state officials
(prosecutor’s office, police, army and so on) existed the definite
level of life conditions, which they and their families strived to. For
instance, to have three-roomed flat, middle-class car, salary of 150
thousand drams etc. And the state from its side helps the officials for
reaching the normal level of life in order not to allow them to look
"at the left". But what is reality, real life. About 5-10 percent of
them rush forward as they think, that the post is too near the money,
the others due to the protectorate ("roof") or relatives, the thirds
due to their skillfulness, quickmindedness and slyness make money even
from "nothing". As a result, artificially, independent of economic
position of the state, they increase the plank of life-level appointed
for their social class. For them 3-roomed become 6-roomed flats, in
place of middle-class "Zhigouli" cars they own middle-class foreign
cars and so on. But the state machine winks at this process, saying:
"What’s bad in it, people improve their life conditions".

It’s good that they build houses and open shops. At last, they are
our guys. So the plank begins increasing for some members of the
society. "The principle of domino" operates. If the consciencious
young personnel (by whoes help the state leadership is planning
to bring to order the state machine a little) by their character
are able to stand, to pass exam, not to break the law and justice,
they’ll not be able to do it in reality. Why? Because they are not
alone and not single. All of them have families, wives and children.

They are sociable with their neighbours and collegues, receive each
other as a guest, celebrate birthdays, weddings and etc. Saying
imaginarily, the child will not wish the ice-cream if it’s not before
his eyes. And so the wife is…But this specialist is young. Despite
he has the strengh of spirit, but nevertheless, his soul is not made
from stone. He’ll stand his wife’s and child’s wishes for a month. He
will live like others for two months or half a year but at last he
will not stand. And the problem will be solved in favour of stable
weather in the family. And one beautiful day he will be melted in the
atmosphere dominating in the society, in our real life which can be
changed only by well-thought operation. The surgeons must be chosen
carefully and be the most qualitable. Gleb Pavlovski who is leading
weekly analytical programme on the NTV channel and who is considered
the chief political technologist of Kremlin on 20th of May showed the
following picture in his next programme. Poutin and the prosecutor
are standing near a big metallic pillar which symbolizes the vertical
line of organized criminality. Another pillar is of the same height,
situated a little further. Poutin asks: -What a vertical line is this,
where did it appear from? -Unlike our built pillar, it grew itself,
– the general prosecutor answers. -short or cut it down, – Poutin
orders and then adds, – Wait, don’t hurry, it must be cut in such a
way when it falls, not to harm our pillar. The meaning is that when
the organized criminality begins to be cleaned thoughtlessly (about
which Poutin declared lately), in this case, the authorities risk
to be burried in these ruins. Gleb Pavlovski would like to say that
the highest circles of the bureaucracy are so near the shady life
of the state and it’s so spread everywhere that it’s necessary the
time and worked out plan of actions. It means: "Dear people-citizens,
put yourself in VI. Poutin’s place, doesn’t claim him to bring order
in an hour. He is not a magician ,not a witch.

Give him the time. But the main is that Mr Pavlovski, one of the main
ideologists and propogandists of the Kremlin, made the country realize
that they are not blind and don’t wish to pretend to be blind as if
we see everything and know about everything, but the situation was
"left on the surface" before us, but now the president must be given
time. Don’t make him hurry! The Kremlin ideologist is right. He is
correct in picturing real situation. But, in my opinion, it doesn’t
justificate Poutin because he came to power not yesterday. He is
leading the country more than seven years with iron hand. And there
was enough time to bring order in the country, a) he neglects the
West roarings when he’ll make "just trial", b) he has natural big
resources and the trust of the majority of ordinary people. In order
to correct the situation created after the down fall of the Soviet
Empire, in order to make order in the country, the laws and courts of
Justice act, in order to regenerate, inspire the masses of people,
it’s not necessary to be Napoleon. It’s enough to find and choose
the best from the talented part of the people, the best political
organizer, in order to begin organizing the rest state system of
management originally and typically. As it was done in distant
colonial America 230 years ago. If the nation or the people are not
used to such quality, it remains to make up with the situation, which
is available today. I say about it because the same is carried out in
our country. It’s necessary to claim, to punish the authorities. It’s
necessary because it’ll be worse otherwise. But opposite political
powers in Armenia, Russia, as well as in Artsakh must know that the
created system can not be corrected by 5 or 10 honest persons. So,
if they critisize, let’s permit them critisize, they are right but
it’s forbidden to say that if we come to power, the law and order will
be in the country. Coming to power, these persons will make minority
in newly formed governing political class… As a result, they are
mixed in it. The freshest example. Suppose, Arthur Baghdasaryan came
to power. What will change? Nothing will change. 11 MPs from 19MPs
left the party as soon as he lost symphathy of authorities. They
were comfort searchers. And those who stayed with A. Baghdasaryan
have hopes that their party is the most democratic party so they had
expectations to win in the parliamentary elections. From this point
of view we can’t say that the situation is better in other parties.

It will be correct to say that the situation is worse. But, above
mentioned must not make the authorities calm, all the more ,to
justificate the acting authorities. For instance, if Poutin wished
to recruit qualitable people (otherwise how to overcome system
corruption? Or as he expressed himself, "organized criminality")
he would assemble them within 7 years. But instead of this, he
got rid of them. I remember my first disappointment with Poutin
perfectly.Investigator on especially important cases Volkov worked in
General prosecutor’s office. He is a very conciencious man who dared
to write out an order for arresting Berezovski in Yeltsin’s times.

Poutin dismissed him in 2001y for daring to deepen in the case of
Borodin. Borodin is the person under whose submission Poutin went into
service in Kremlin. Poutin’s step foretold that the new, energetic,
strong-willed president is not going to hold on systematic struggle
against corruption. His steps also witness that this man is not from a
group who’s able to organize the construction of qualitably new public
building. His strict, willed line directed to the centralization of
the power around him and around the ideology, world outlook position
which is reachable for his intellectual abilities. I speak about it
with pain because ,at any rate, Russia and Russian people always and
with all parametres are more nearer to us than any other country or
nation. So we are directly interested in growing mightiness of our
ally and not interested in bad development.

Good leader must wish him to be said to justice, because in such a
way it’s possible to bring the mistakes to a minimum. On the other
hand, I refer to the Russian examples generally in order to make my
conclusions and argumentations understandable and expressive.

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