NKR New Government Formed

By Kim Gabrielian

AZG Armenian Daily

On September 25, NKR President Bako Sahakian signed a decree on
formation of the new government. Bako Sahakian signed another decree
on appointing members of the government.

Former Ministers of Finance and Economy, Foreign Affairs, and
Defence, and also the Minister-Head of the Government Staff kept
their portfolios.

Former Minister of Urban Development Armo Tsaturian is appointed
Minister of Agriculture and simultaneously takes the post of

Arthur Mosiyan, representative of ARF office of Artsakh, is appointed
Minister of Justice. Executive Director of "Arevik" medical center
Armen Khachatrian is appointed Minister of Healthcare, former Deputy
Minister of Finance and Economy Narine Azatian – Minister of Social
Security, Director of "Capital Construction" Aleksandr Mamunts –
Minister of City Building, Head of the National Statistical Service
Benik Babayan – Minister of Economic Development.

NKR President also signed a decree on resigning the newly appointed
Minister of Economic Development from the post of the Head of the
Statistical Service.

Ministries of Education, Culture and Sports underwent structural
changes. As a result of their splitting new ministries and a state
committee have been formed: Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry
of Culture and Youth Issues and also State Committee of Sports.

Former Deputy Head of NKR Armed Forces Staff Vladik Khachatrian is
appointed Minister of Education and Science, Head of the National TV
of Artsakh Norek Gasparian – Minister of Culture and Youth Issues.

Changes in other governmental structures would end in several days,
not late than October 1, according to NKR Government Press Office

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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