Minister Assesses Positively Process Of Entrance Examinations


Noyan Tapan
Aug 17, 2007

YEREVAN, AUGUST 17, NOYAN TAPAN. Throughout the process of entrance
examinations, the examination commissions kept using the same
standards and principles, the RA minister of education and science
Levon Mkrtchian stated at the August 17 press conference, assessing
positively the examination process. According to him, the number of
appeals declined notably as compared with last year.

L. Mkrtchian said that this year almost all competitive scores
(scores allowing students to enter the chosen higher educational
institution) were lower. In his words, this is mainly conditioned
by the fact that considerable part of entrants received medium
scores. Thus, the competitive scores were lower by 4-5 points
in natural science specialities, by 3 points – in the speciality
"International Relations", by 2 points – in "Political Science",
and by 2.5 points – in "Law".

The minister noted that entrance examinations passed successfully
in marzes (regions) as well where the number of entrants with good
scores who have failed to enter is not large.

L. Mkrtchian said that this year 100 paid and free educational places
and 870 places without the right of postponement were added.