Azerbaijan tries to put the blame for its soldiers’ deaths on Armeni

Azerbaijan tries to put the blame for its soldiers’ deaths on Armenia

May 22, 2010 – 11:06 AMT 06:06 GMT

Baku is constantly accusing Armenia of violations of the ceasefire to
screen the murders and suicides in the Azeri army.

`The Azeri propaganda machine is spreading lies because of frequent
casualties and harassment among servicemen leading to the death of
soldiers, who are later on reported to be killed at the frontline,’
the Armenian Defense Ministry said.

The Ministry stated that Armenian servicemen observe the ceasefire and
resort to retaliatory measures to stop the fire commenced from the
opposite side of the contact line. `The Ministry of Defense of the
Republic of Armenia reiterates that Armenian armed forces are up in
arms to rebuff any attack,’ it said.

So, Mr. President, how’s that Guantanamo closing promise coming alon

Los Angeles Times, CA
May 22 2010

So, Mr. President, how’s that Guantanamo closing promise coming along?
May 21, 2010 |

Today is the official one-year anniversary of President Barack Obama
repeating why he signed the official closing order for the Guantanamo
Bay terrorist detention facility on his second day in office in
January of 2009. (See photo above and video below.)

No prison is supposed to look hospitable; that’s the point of prison.
Hence, the locks and guards.

But the prison facility on the island of Cuba looked particularly bad
to Democrats and looked bad internationally.

Promising to close the place — the "mess" as the president called it
— was a very useful unifying metaphor for Obama’s
change-to-believe-in from eight years of you-know-who, who started up
the place back before the global war on terrorism became a series of
attempted man-caused disasters.

And maybe you remember Obama’s re-statement of the urgent need to
close Guantanamo just happened to come at the same media time as a
speech by Vice President Dick Cheney, who was one of the main
architects of building it as a secure refuge to keep those terrorist
types away from the homeland.

Which seemed like a real good idea to many living outside prisons in
the homeland, regardless of how it was viewed in overseas countries
that weren’t exactly lining up to receive those lethal lads into their

So Cheney re-explained why the Bush administration had built the place
and Obama re-explained why Guantanamo was going to be but a bad memory
by the end of 2009.

And here we are nearly five months after the facility’s closure.
Except, wait, it hasn’t been closed. And won’t be closed for another
year at least.

And there’s no new promised date for its closure because Obama folks
have learned that when you promise something, words have meaning and
consequences and some silly people actually expect you to keep your
word. i.e. End Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, go through the budget
line-by-line, double the Peace Corps, allow five days of public
comment before signing legislation, negotiate healthcare bills on
C-SPAN, support a crewed moon mission by 2020, give an annual State of
the World address to Americans on national security, end no-bid
contracts above $25,000, double funding for after-school programs,
reduce legislative earmarks to 1994 levels, recognize the Armenian
genocide, create a public option health plan for a new National
Insurance Exchange.

And some other stuff over here.

Back to Guantanamo: The controversial alternate plan was to transfer
these bad guys onto the U.S. mainland and put them in another prison
facility that just happened to be in the president’s adopted home
state of Illinois and would cost $350 million from somewhere to fix it
up while abandoning the still functional though unpopular-abroad
Guantanamo prison.

This week the Armed Services Committee, which is controlled by
Democrats who overwhelmingly control the House of Representatives,
voted to prohibit such a detention facility within the United States.

Finally, some bipartisanship. The vote to prohibit was unanimous.

Other than that, President Obama’s promise to close the Guantanamo Bay
detention facility by the end of 2009 is moving along swimmingly.

Not that it seems to matter to this Democratic administration, but
here’s what Obama explained and promised a year ago. Watch this video:

PSRC Approves Armenian Gas Operator’s Investment Program For 2010-20


May 21, 2010

Armenia’s Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) has approved
today the investment program of the national gas operator-ArmRosGazprom
(ARG)- for 2010-2012. The total program is worth 24.2 billion Drams,
of which 9.5 billion Drams will be invested this year.

Abgar Budaghian, head of a PSRC department dealing with investment
programs, said the company has curtailed its original program by
200 million Drams, that were to be spent on geophysical studies and
purchase of new emergency vehicles.

Ashot Hakobian, head of an ARG unit supervising investments, said the
company will invest 6.9 billion Drams in upgrading gas transportation
system , including 3 billion this year; 17.5 billion Drams will be
invested in upgrading the gas distribution network, including 6.5
billion Drams this year. Part of investments will be spent on expansion
and modernization of Abovian underground gas storage facility.

Earlier this year Armenia’s Public Services Regulatory Commission
(PSRC) endorsed the gas price increase requested by ArmRosGazprom,
a joint Russian-Armenian national gas distribution company.

ARG asked on 22 January to increase the price of natural gas from
the 96,000 Drams (US$252) to 136,000 dram per 1,000 cubic meters of
gas–a 41% increase. The PSRC negotiated only a small decrease of the
requested new price and agreed that ARG will charge households 132,000
Dram per 1,000 cubic meters, a mere 4,000 dram difference. The price
for industrial enterprises consuming more than 10,000 cubic meters of
gas a month the price rose by 13%, from $215 per one thousand cubic
meters, to $243.13.

ARG has a monopoly over the distribution of natural gas in Armenia
which is mainly imported from Russia via Georgia. The Armenian
government owns 20% of ARG, and the remaining 80% is owned by Russia’s
Gazprom. -0- ($1 – 385.85 Drams).

Hauts-De-Seine Grants 500,000 Euros Grant To Tavush Region


May 21 2010

The French Department of Hauts-de-Seine will provide the All Armenian
Hayastan Foundation with 500,000 euros to set up a program for
agricultural development in the Tavush region of the Northern Armenia,
Department’s President Patrick Devedjian told reporters Friday.

The criteria followed by the Department in choosing partners for
international cooperation include the UN last reports and attention
to the regions where the development is necessary, said Patrick
Devedjian. He said: "Residents in the capital have better living
and development conditions, while the situation in the remote areas
is heavy."

The 500,000 euro grant by the French Department will be a great
contribution for the financing of projects aiming at involvement
of the local residents into the programs to prevent their outflow
from the country. A particular effort will be made towards technical
training and the improvement of production quality.

Within the convention, signed between the French Department of
Hauts-de-Seine and the All Armenian Hayastan Foundation, the Channel
of the Armenian-French Friendship was restored and widened; besides,
various agricultural programs were implemented.

The parties are currently discussing another program to be granted,
mostly paying an attention to the issue of restoration and widening
of the Ayegovit-Vazashen Channel.

Argentina’s Foreign Minister Due In Armenia

20.05.2010 11:26

The Foreign Minister of Argentina, Jorge Taiana, is arriving in
Armenia on a working visit at the invitation of the Foreign Minister
of Armenia, Edward Nalbandian.

Within the framework of the visit Jorge Jorge Taiana is expected to
meet Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and Foreign Minister Edward

Minister Taiana will participate in the official opening ceremony of
the Embassy of Argentina in Armenia.

Chief Editor Of French Magazine: Turkey Allocates More Than $40 Mill


May 19, 2010

YEREVAN, May 19. /ARKA/. Turkish government annually allocates $40
million for dissemination of misinformation about Armenian genocide in
Ottoman Empire, said Varuzhan Sirabyan, Chief Editor of the magazine

Armenian genocide is the first genocide of 20th century. Turkey
traditionally rejects accusations about extermination of Armenians
during the First World War and painfully reacts on the criticism by
the West regarding Armenian genocide.

Turkish lobby is funding different French magazines for the distortion
of the fact of genocide.

The Armenian side not always gives adequate response due to the lack
of large opportunities.

He considers that there is positive attitude towards Armenia in France.

The fact of Genocide was recognized by many countries – Uruguay,
Russia, France, Lithuania, Italy, majority of United States,
Parliaments of Greece, Cyprus Argentine, Belgium, Wales National
Council of Switzerland, Community Chamber of Canadian Parliament, Seim
of Poland, Vatican, European Parliament and World Council of Churches.

Harvard ‘Grifter’S’ Made-Up Resume

ANDREW BRUSS in Cambridge, Mass., and CHUCK BENNETT in NY

May 19, 2010

What, he didn’t invent the Internet?

The accused Harvard grifter whose over-the-top fictions fooled gullible
ad mission officers and professors amazingly claimed on a resume to
have authored scholarly tomes, won heaps of awards, given lectures
and mastered three dead languages.

Adam Wheeler — who pleaded not guilty yesterday to 20 counts of fraud,
larceny and forgery in a Massachusetts court — passed himself off
in the document as a Canadian literature expert fluent in French,
Old English, Classical Armenian and Old Persian.

The outlandish curriculum vitae was submitted to The New Republic
last year for an internship.

The magazine, which was rocked by its own plagiarism scandal in late
1990s, posted the resume online yesterday and said it did not accept
Wheeler into its program.

As if mastering ancient tongues wasn’t enough, the small-town Delaware
student wrote that he had at tended Harvard for four years, kept up
a 4.0 grade- point average and took graduate-level classes.

In fact, he transferred to Harvard in 2007 after getting tossed out
of Bowdoin College in Maine for plagiarizing an essay.

Bowdoin is mentioned nowhere on the resume.

As for the perfect GPA, Wheeler managed only "some A’s, a few B’s as
well as a D" at Harvard, a prosecutor said.

Wheeler had already allegedly duped Harvard into believing he was
transferring from MIT and scored a perfect 1600 on his SATs. In
reality, his scores were 1160 and 1220, prosecutors said.

In the resume, Wheeler, 23, also appears to claim he was the "invited"
lecturer on Canadian and Armenian culture when the talks were given
by Harvard’s own professors.

Even more brazenly, the document also says that he authored two
scholarly books on the philosophy of communication and said he co-wrote
four books about Canada that were actually penned by Harvard professor
Marc Shell.

In all, he collected $45,000 in financial aid, grants and prize money
from his alleged lies.

Wheeler’s parents, Richard and Lee of Milton, Del., did not post his
$5,000 bail, and he remained in jail yesterday.

Does French Press Cover Armenia-Related Issues?

Nvard Davtyan

19.05.2010 16:48

Armenia in the French press. How often do French media speak and
write about Armenia and from which point of view?

Editor-in-chief of the Paris-based "Europe and the East" periodical,
member of the Executive Body of the World Council of the Liberal
Democratic Party Varuzhan Sirapyan says French media spoke much about
Armenia in 2007, when the Year of Armenia was held in France. More
than 400 events held within the framework of the Year contributed to
the increase of the number of French visitors to Armenia.

Varuzhan Sirapyan says the Year of Turkey in France did not create
the same effect. The events held in the course of six months were
poor and plain.

The editor says the French press can hardly be called unbiased: it
reflects the broad state policy. Ever since 2005 the French-language
"Europe and the East" periodical has been covering issued not addressed
by the French press. In 2005 the first issue was released under the
title "Europe-Turkey and an Important Issue." The time was critical,
since it was then that Turkey started accession talks with the
European Union.

Varuzhan Sirapyan recalls that then the French press was diligently
presenting Turkey as a modern and democratic country, noting that it
could become a full member of the European family. The "Europe-Turkey"
periodical then revealed the true face of Turkey. The periodical also
reacts to critical publications about Armenia, its editor-in-chief

Armenian Sentenced For Parliament Attack Dies


Associated Press Worldstream
May 17, 2010 Monday 10:14 AM GMT

An Armenian man imprisoned for his role in a deadly attack on
Parliament a decade ago has died.

Armenia’s Justice Ministry says Gamlet Stepanyan died in his cell
over the weekend. It says the cause of death hasn’t been determined,
but that there were no signs of violence.

In the 1999 attack, several gunmen stormed into the building and
killed the prime minister, the speaker of parliament and six others.

Stepanyan’s role was to help the attackers flee the scene. He was
sentenced to 14 years in prison.

David Jamalyan : Les Victoires Rendent Une Communaute Ethnique Plus


19 mai 2010

"Les victoires rendent une communaute ethnique davantage pleine
d’assurance, tandis que les defaites provoquent le complexe
d’inferiorite exprime par l’agression. C’est ce qui peut etre observe
en Azerbaïdjan " a declare le membre du Conseil Public du Ministère
de la Defense nationale, le psychologue militaire David Jamalyan lors
d’une conference de presse.

Les armeniens ont une base objective pour glorifier la guerre de
l’Artsakh. Cette victoire a forme un sentiment d’affirmation de soi
parmi les armeniens. C’etait inversement proportionnel au sentiment
de la societe azerie a dit le psychologue. Selon lui, le courage
interne est necessaire pour l’acceptation de la defaite et parler a
propos de cela.