Does French Press Cover Armenia-Related Issues?

Nvard Davtyan

19.05.2010 16:48

Armenia in the French press. How often do French media speak and
write about Armenia and from which point of view?

Editor-in-chief of the Paris-based "Europe and the East" periodical,
member of the Executive Body of the World Council of the Liberal
Democratic Party Varuzhan Sirapyan says French media spoke much about
Armenia in 2007, when the Year of Armenia was held in France. More
than 400 events held within the framework of the Year contributed to
the increase of the number of French visitors to Armenia.

Varuzhan Sirapyan says the Year of Turkey in France did not create
the same effect. The events held in the course of six months were
poor and plain.

The editor says the French press can hardly be called unbiased: it
reflects the broad state policy. Ever since 2005 the French-language
"Europe and the East" periodical has been covering issued not addressed
by the French press. In 2005 the first issue was released under the
title "Europe-Turkey and an Important Issue." The time was critical,
since it was then that Turkey started accession talks with the
European Union.

Varuzhan Sirapyan recalls that then the French press was diligently
presenting Turkey as a modern and democratic country, noting that it
could become a full member of the European family. The "Europe-Turkey"
periodical then revealed the true face of Turkey. The periodical also
reacts to critical publications about Armenia, its editor-in-chief