Javakh Armenians Doubt Russian Declaration About Dangerous Materials

21:07 17/08/2007

After visiting the former Russian military base in Akhalkalak,
officials from the Georgian Defense Ministry stated they had found
two containers of radioactive material in the area of the base and
a large amount of land mines.

Concerning this, "A-Info" announced that "Virk" party leader Mels
Torosyan, in the "Agunk" newspaper, said that in his opinion what had
occurred "was like theater, a preconceived scenario, the authors’
purpose being to terrorize the Armenians living in the area of the
base so they would leave Javakhk."

"If their declaration about the existence of radioactive materials
represented reality, why aren’t they rushing to remove the 18-20
year-old soldiers of the Georgian army who are serving there?" asked
Torosyan, who believes the Georgian government should ensure the
health and safety of inhabitants instead of "advertising" the event.

"In contrast to these Georgian fanatics and our enemies in general,
the local Armenians and Georgians wish only to live in peace, side by
side, as we have during our long history, and only wish to continue
to do so in the future."