It Is Time That 4-5 Parties Be In Armenian Political Sphere, Vazgen


Noyan Tapan
Jul 12 2007

YEREVAN, JULY 12, NOYAN TAPAN. A model of state has been consistently
built in Armenia since 1994, when the power and the finances are in the
hands of 5-7 families, another 40-50 families serve their interests,
and society has no influence on the authorities at all. Vazgen
Manukian, the Chairman of the National Democratic Union, stated at
the July 12 press conference. In his words, the world experience
shows that that model cannot ensure country’s development.

V. Manukian considers that this model should be changed, and the
presidential elections should promote this. The NDU Chairman, who
has declared his intention to nominate his candidature, will try ro
make these changes. Meanwhile, he said that the problem cannot be
solved through one person or party, but the participation of the
whole society is needed. "I have an inner conviction that we will
manage this in 2008," V. Manukian added.

Touching upon other candidates for presidency from the opposition
sphere, V. Manukian said that the circumstance of not having 10 years’
RA citizenship required by the law impedes the Zharangutiun (Heritage)
party’s leader Raffi Hovannisian’s nomination.

As regards the first RA President Levon Ter-Petrosian, in V. Manukian’s
words, while he has been silent for already 10 years, the people
standing close to him "hit all opposition political figures for
vacating the field for his return, and by acting so, they first of
all serve the authorities."

In the words of the NDU Chairman, it will be possible to discuss the
issue of L. Ter-Petrosian’s nomination only when he himself declares
his return.

Mentioning the necessity of unification of all opposition forces,
V. Manukian said that he means not all forces. In his words, after
the parliamentary elections, part of the opposition parties "saw its
place, and we don’t need to reanimate everybody."

According to V. Manukian, the necessity to create more powerful parties
in the opposition sphere can result in NDU’s unification with the
National Democratic Party and the Union of National Democrats, which
had separated from the NDU previously. Moreover, he did not exclude
the possibility of unification with other parties. "I think it is
time that 4-5 and not 50 parties be in the political sphere," he said.

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