Chairmen Of 17 Subject Exam Committees Appointed In Armenia


Jul 12 2007

YEREVAN. July 12. /ARKA/. The Minister of Education and Science
of Armenia appointed chairmen of subject exam committees. The
press-service of the ministry of education and science reported
Thursday, 17 subject exam commissions were formed.

In particular, Edik Gevorgyan, candidate of historical sciences,
lecturer at the Armenian State Pedagogics University was appointed
chairman of the exam committee for the History of Armenia. Docent
Artavazd Gharibyan was appointed chairman of the exam committee for
general history.

YSU lecturer, candidate of physical-mathematics sciences, docent
Sedrak Hovhannisyan, headed the subject committee for mathematics,
and Roman Alaverdyan – doctor of physical and mathematic sciences –
the committee for physics.

YSU lecturer, doctor of chemical sciences, professor Ruben Chaltikyan,
was appointed chairman of the exam committee for chemistry, and
YSU lecturer, doctor of biological sciences Poghos Vardevanyan –
for biology.

Language subject committees are headed by Seyran Grigoryan (the
Armenian language and literature), and candidate of philological
sciences, docent Seyran Grigoryan. Representative of the ministry
of education Lilia Balasanyan headed the committee for the Russian
language and literature.

Two subject committees have been formed for the English language:
one for written English, and another for speaking English. They are
headed by lecturers from the Yerevan State University and the Yerevan
State Linguistic University.

In 2007, 10,013 places have been allocated for university entrants
in Armenia. Of them 4,132 places are financed by the government. The
paid places providing the right for draft deferment total 5,581. About
4,300 places that do not provide the right for draft deferment will
be allocated at Armenian universities.

The admission of applications started on June 15 and will last until
July 15. The period of entrance exams will begin from July 20 and
last till about August 16.

To date, 16 state universities work in Armenia, also, four universities
are based on intergovernmental agreements: the Russian-Armenian
(Slavonic) University, the French University of Armenia, the American
University of Armenia, and the European Regional Academy of Information
and Communication Technologies.

A total of 65,000 students go to state universities. There are also
72 private universities, attended by over 25,000 students.

In 2007, 54,000 people took the standard state exam.

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