David Hakobian: "Armenian People Will Not Give Presidential Throne T


Noyan Tapan
Jul 12 2007

YEREVAN, JULY 12, NOYAN TAPAN. David Hakobian, the Head of the Armenian
Marxist Party, made this statement at the July 12 press conference:
"The Armenian opposition does not have enough political reserve
in order to win in the presidential elections, as we see miserable
frayers instead of favourites in the opposition field."

According to him, the opposition seems to have conciliated with
current reality and did not even fight against the program presented
by the government, irrespective of the fact that the program had
many vulnerable points. "The opposition, as well, is engaged in
self-deception, because taking a time-out in terms of politics is
inadmissable," David Hakobian mentioned.

As for the possible participation of Levon Ter-Petrosian, the RA
first President, in the forthcoming presidential elections, David
Hakobian mentioned that "irrespective of the drumbeat of the Armenian
National Movement, the first President realizes that his participation
in the presidential elections will be his Waterloo." In his opinion,
"the time for the boys on the platform is up."

In the opinion of D. Hakobian, the chances of the current Prime
Ministe,r Serge Sargsian, to win in the presidential elections make
50%. At the same time he expressed conviction that "the current
candidate of the authorities does not enjoy the necessary confidence
of the elite of authorities, that is to say, the elite is not united
in respect of this question."

David Hakobian did not exclude the fact that "the third power"
may become winner of the presidential elections, however, he did
not go into details and did not mention a name. At the same time,
he mentioned that "the Armenian people will not give the presidential
throne to an emigrant thrice."

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