Europeans Also Are Sick And Tired Of American Films; They Support Th

By Rouzan Poghosian

AZG Armenian Daily

The opinion that the American films are shown only in developing
countries and the film goers in the developed countries view
only valuable films is far from being true. Henry Monriet and
Melanie Moltman, cultural counsellors of the British and the French
Embassies to Armenia, stated about this at a "Golden Apricot" press
conference. "The American films have flooded the European screens and
we all should fight against that. We are grateful to the organizers of
the festival for opening the doors of the European cinema in Armenia,"
Mr. Monriet. According to Moltman, by spreading the American films,
the US film makers manage to overwhelm the European films, as they
Europeans do not even try to carry out the propaganda of their
films. Fortunately, recently, the situatuin is improving, and the
European films grow in number and become more popular in the European
countries. As compared with the French, the German films are frequently
criticized for being complicated and hard to understand. That’s why,
in the course of the last few years there are more entertainment
movies shot.

The program of "Golden Apricot" film fetsival includes the following
French films "Clean" by O. Assayas, "Le Petit Lieutenant" by Beauvois,
"Flanders" by B. Dumont, "Cold Showers," A. Cordier, "Lovers on
the Pont-Neuf," by L. Carax, "Cause Toujours" by J. Labrune and
many others.

"These films dwell on the naked French reality that varies with the
image of Franec that you all may have, as the films picture the living
conditions of the socially insecure layers of the French society.

Cartainly, the romantic tradition of the French films is preserved
and there are love stroeis in the films, too," Mr. Monriet added.

The agenda of the German films are included within the framework of
"Europe 2006" program in the "Golden Apricot" film festival. The
Yerevaners can watch the following films "The Telephone Booth" by
Eldar Grigorian and "Yella" by Ch. Petzold.

The list of the British films includes "The Screamers" by Karla
Karapetian and "The Queen" by Stiven Frears.

It’s quite surprising that the Russian Embassy to Armenia expressed
no will to cooperate with "Golden Apricot," though there are several
Russian films included in the festival’s table of screening. Only
the newly opened "House of Moscow" promised to give shelter to the
guests who are arriving from Russia.

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