Paruyr Hairikian: "I Am Obliged To Become A President"


[02:17 pm] 18 May, 2007

"Not only the opposition but also RoA President Robert Kocharyan lost
the 12 May elections," announced Paruyr Hairikian, the Chairman of the
"Union for National Self-Determination," at the "Friday" club today.

Analyzing the parliamentary elections, Paruyr Hairikian said that
Robert Kocharyan had established two parties – the "Prosperous Armenia
Party" and the "Dashink" (Block), which were to guarantee his post
as a prime minister.

"Since Robert Kocharyan cannot run for presidency for the third term,
he wants to become a prime minister who will be more powerful than
a president", says Paruyr Hairikian.

Mr Hairikian blamed the oppositional forces for their failure to unite
and mentioned that certain parties were participating in the elections
for getting some mandates. "Boys were playing a lottery, says Paruyr
Hairikian, they did not care for the nation’s future destiny".

As to the "Heritage" party he said, "I would rather advise Raffi
Hovannisian’s proponents to look up the meaning of the word "heritage"
in the dictionary.

Those opposition figures who announced that they would participate in
the presidential elections and by being elected change the situation in
the country were ignoramus people, Mr Hairikian says. "The presidential
elections will not change anything in Armenia. The situation in the
country might change if the "Armenian Republican Party" splits".

Enumerating his services to the country, Paruyr Hairikian pointed out,
"With my experience I am obliged to become the President of Armenia".

Nevertheless, he noted that he will participate in the presidential
elections only under certain circumstances, which he refused to
mention. "I will participate in the elections, in case they do not
become a running race," he only said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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