FBI Experts Train Armenian Officers To Fight Cyber Crime


May 18 2007

YEREVAN, MAY 18, ARMENPRESS: During the week of May 14 through May
18 three U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agents have
conducted a Computer (Cyber) Crime Course at the Police Academy of
Armenia in Yerevan. The attendees included eight officials from the
National Security Service, five from the Armenian Police Service
and four from the National Bureau of Expertise, the U.S. Embassy in
Yerevan said in a press release.

The Computer (Cyber) Crime Training Course is designed by computer
experts to familiarize law enforcement officers with examples of
common computer crimes and investigative methods. The course has
given participants instructions on how criminals can use computers
to commit crimes, the risk of ‘hackers,’ to computer networks and
how to trace the computer evidence that criminals have behind.

The course was funded by the International Narcotics and Law
Enforcement Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan. U.S. Charge
d’Affaires Anthony Godfrey presented graduation certificates to the
participants upon completion of the course.

This project is only part of the U.S. Government’s comprehensive law
enforcement assistance program in Armenia. The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan,
through its International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Section,
has funded the renovation of such facilities as the National Bureau
of Expertise, the Police Instruction Center in Kanaker, the Border
Guards Training Facility in Yerevan and the Customs House in Vanadzor.

The Embassy has donated computer equipment to all these facilities,
as well as the computer equipment to the Police Academy classroom
where the cyber crime training course was held.

The Embassy is also working with the Government of Armenia to establish
a nationwide, computerized border management information system and
a nationwide computer network for the Armenian Police Service. The
U.S. government provides about $3 million a year in law enforcement
assistance to all these facilities.

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