PPA Is One Of Most Active Parties Taking Part In Election Campaign,


Noyan Tapan
May 09 2007

YEREVAN, MAY 9, NOYAN TAPAN. The People’s Party of Armenia is
one of the most active parties in this election campaign. Party
Chairman Stepan Demirchian expressed such opinion at the May 9
press conference. He said that PPA has already visited more than 100
populated areas, including such villages where no other political
force or official has been.

In S. Demirchian’s words, the meetings proceed in a warm atmosphere,
people ask many questions and many of the meetings remind of 2003. PPA
Chairman explained lack of inspiration of that time in the people by
the circumstance that people connect possibility of changes rather
with presidential elections and turnout at parliamentary elections
is always low.

S. Demirchian said that pressures are exerted upon people, but they
are not open. In his words, the peculiarity of these elections is
voter buying in large amounts. In S. Demirchian’s words, the main
problem is that people have lost their faith in the elections. "The
prevailing majority does not believe that it is possible to achieve
anything in a civilized way," he said.

Emphasizing that the role of the parliament has increased as a result
of constitutional amendments, PPA Chairman called everybody for taking
part in the elections and gave assurance that on May 12 the people
will deny "those buying voters."

In S. Demirchian’s words, PPA pretends not to more than 5% votes,
but to such representation in the future parliament, which will give
a possibility to have an impact on political processes.

If the authorities falsify the results of elections, PPA, in the
words of party Chairman, will be among the first ones to protest
against this. He said that opposition forces can take part in the
elections independently and consolidate after the elections. And
whether the opposition will consolidate, in S. Demirchian’s words,
this will become clear after May 12.