RPA Will Receive 35-40% Votes In Upcoming Parliamentary Elections, M


Noyan Tapan
May 09 2007

YEREVAN, MAY 9, NOYAN TAPAN. The Republican Party of Armenia will
receive 35-40% votes in the parliamentary elections, which will give
the party a possibility to form government. Ara Hakobian, RPA Board
member, Adviser to RA Prime Minister for information technologies
affairs, gave assurance at the May 9 press conference.

He attached importance to holding free and fair elections not in
the respect of observers’ estimation to the process of elections,
but in the respect of formation of atmosphere of confidence in the
country. This, in A. Hakobian’s words, is necessary especially from
point of view of economic competition and development of Armenia’s
abilities to resist challenges to preservation of national ideology.

As A. Hakobian estimated, the prevailing majority of political forces,
in particular, RPA, do their best to bring election campaign in line
with democratic standards. It was mentioned that as organizations
and political forces observing the election campaign estimate,
"anti-agitation takes small place." At the same time, in A. Hakobian’s
words, "few political forces taking part in the elections have an
ideological basis."

The member of RPA Board also touched upon the arrest of Alexander
Arzumanian and Vahan Shirkhanian who were ministers in the years when
the Armenian National Movement held the power. Taking as a basis the
statement spread in this connection by RA National Security Service,
he said that "at least an attempt was made to carry out actions in the
political field, which do not proceed from Armenia’s interests." At
that, in A. Hakobian’s words, "the source of means found at them is
very doubtful."
From: Baghdasarian

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