US Administration submits a report to the House of Representatives

US Administration submits a report to the House of Representatives
19.03.2007 16:13

The US Administration prepared a report and submitted it to the
members of the House of Representatives. The report says that if the
Armenian Genocide resolution is passed, it will be a serious blow to
the US, Cumhuriyet Turkish newspaper reports. The report said, in
part, "Turkey is the partner of JSF project, the new generation war
plane. Turkey will buy 106 planes, and the project is worth 10 billion
USD. Turkey will purchase 30 new F-16 war jets in return for 1.65
billion USD. More than 200 F-16s are being renovated in return for 1.6
billion USD. Turkey will buy 1.3 billion USD of air defense system in
2007. Turkish army wants 52 helicopters to be used against the
terrorist organization PKK, and Black Hawk is one of the
alternatives. Turkey will purchase 21-26 million USD of zeppelins from
the US to fight against infiltration of terrorists from Iraq".

As for the cooperation in Iraq, the report said, "Turkey opened
Incirlik Base to the US, there are 22 US war planes there. Turkey
admitted 16 US war ships in its ports, and nine of them are supplying
goods to the troops in Iraq, while seven of them are transporting
oil. 25% of the oil used by US troops in Iraq is sent from Habur. 60
percent of the air cargo sent to the US troops in Iraq passes through
Incirlik Base."

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