Sempad Markarian (56 kg) champion d’Europe junior

Sempad Markarian (56 kg) champion d’Europe junior


samedi22 mai 2010, par Krikor Amirzayan/armenews

Lors des Championnats d’Europe junior d’haltérophilie qui se déroulent
à Valence (Espagne), Sempad Markarian (56 kg) est devenu champion
d’Europe offrant ainsi une première médaille d’or à l’Arménie. Avec un
total de 240 kg (105 kg à l’arraché et 135 kg à l’épaulé-jeté) Sempad
Markarian prit la première place devant Kerkel Souk (229 kg). Sempad
Markarian est également le vice-champion d’Europe 2010.

Observers to parliamentary elections arrive in Karabakh

Observers to parliamentary elections arrive in Karabakh

May 22, 2010 – 15:58 AMT 10:58 GMT

On May 22, NKR President Bako Sahakyan met with American and Dutch
representatives of the Public International Law and Policy Group
headed by senior counsel Michael Kovaka who arrived in Artsakh as
observers to parliamentary elections.

At the meeting, Bako Sahakyan emphasized that American and Dutch
observers’ participation in the elections is a proof of efficient
cooperation in the sphere of democratic development.

As NKR leader noted, participation of foreign observers in the
elections should not be politicized; with arrival of American and
European observers showing the approach to be unacceptable for
civilized world, Central Information Department at NKR President’s
Office reported.

Hranush Hakobyan: "There Is No Discrimination Against Ethnic Minorit


20 MAY, 2010

"There is no discrimination against ethnic minorities in Armenia,"
announced RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan today during a
question-and-answer session between the RA National Assembly and the
government. According to the Minister, all conditions are created to
develop the Armenian language, culture and education and preserve
historical-cultural monuments. The Minister clarified that all of
the government’s projects relate to RA citizens and, according to H.

Hakobyan, representatives of ethnic minorities "are our citizens and
exercise all the rights". Hakobyan also mentioned that the government
is committed to help Armenians considered ethnic minorities in other
countries to recognize their rights and obligations through studies.

For involvement in such issues, an international committee was created
during the Pan-Armenian Forum of Lawyers held by the Ministry last

NA Speaker Receives The Delegation Of The All-Chinese Assembly Of Pe


MAY 20, 2010

Armenian National Assembly Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan received today
Vang Guantao, chairman of the Committee on Neighboring Surrounding
and Resources Protection of the All-Chinese Assembly of Peoples’
Representatives, deputy chairman of the Chinese People’s Association
for Peace and Disarmament, and the delegation headed by him.

Press service of the Armenian National Assembly told Armenpress that
the NA speaker pointed out the warm relations with China and Chinese
people, in which he became sure during his meeting with U Bango,
chairman of the Standing Committee of the All-China Assembly of
People’s Representatives of the People’s Republic of China. H.

Abrahamyan conveyed greetings and wishes to U Bango reconfirming his
invitation to pay a visit to Armenia.

Vang Guantao attached importance to the development of relations
based on mutual respect and friendship. He noted that the visit of
the NA speaker to China was a serious impetus for strengthening the
relations between the two countries. A number of representatives of
the Chinese parliament have visited Armenia, and according to Vang
Guantao, the inter-parliamentary ties are good basis for interstate
cooperation. He also noted that there is a great prospective in
regard to the cooperation of the committees and commissions of the
two parliaments.

The interlocutors expressed confidence that the visit of the Chinese
delegation will promote the expansion and activation of the bilateral
ties and development of the mutual relations.

Argentina Is For The Peaceful Settlement Of The Nagorno Karabakh Con


MAY 21, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 21, ARMENPRESS: Argentina is for the peaceful settlement
of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Foreign Minister of Argentine
Jorge Taiana said today at a joint press conference with Armenian
minister Edward Nalbandyan that the NK conflict must be solved in a
peaceful way.

"It is the only way and Armenia is for it, agreeing that it is the
only right way," Taiana said. According to him, it is also important
that the peaceful settlement be implemented through peace talks.

In response to the question of a reporter on how Edward Nalbandyan
treats the circumstance that RF President Dmitry Medvedev during
the visit to Turkey noted that Russia will use its influence for
moving forward Karabakh issue, said that being the OSCE Minsk Group
co-chairing country Russia contributes to the settlement of the NKR
issue, has quite important and constructive role in the settlement
of conflict.

According to him, Russia, and particularly President Dmitry Medvedev,
has personal contribution to the settlement of the Karabakh issue. On
his initiative many meetings were conducted between the Armenian and
Azerbaijani presidents. "At what moment the expression was made? and
where? In respect of constructive stance nothing changes. It is natural
that Russian president expresses his wish to continue the efforts to
help parties regulate the issue," Armenian FM said.

Edward Nalbandyan, referring to the news that there is a new document
on the table of negotiations said there is no such document. "It is an
absolute lie and the lies do not demand any comment," Nalbandyan said.

European Commission: Corruption Remains Widespread At All Levels Of


May 19, 2010 – 18:39 AMT 13:39 GMT

Despite some progress made in the fight against corruption, it
remains widespread at all levels of Azeri society and would require
additional efforts to combat, the communication from the Commission to
the European Parliament and the Council, taking stock of the European
Neighbourhood Policy stated.

According to communication, amendments to the Constitution were adopted
by national referendum in March 2009. The amendments inter alia removed
the limits on the presidential term of office and extended it in a
state of war, which strengthened the power of the executive against
the prevailing European practice and signalled a serious setback on
Azerbaijan’s road to consolidated democracy.

Freedom of expression and media freedom deteriorated during the
reporting period. In January 2009, broadcasting by foreign radio
stations on national FM frequencies was banned, thus depriving the
public of alternative sources of information. In March 2009, the law
on mass media was amended without prior consultation with journalists
or non-governmental organisations, extending the grounds to suspend
the activities of media outlets. The amendments allow interference
by government with the media in ways that are not compatible with
OSCE commitments on media freedom. Further restrictive amendments
were adopted on the law on TV and Radio in April 2009, limiting media
pluralism and including the activities of foreign broadcasters.

Cases of harassment continue to be reported of political activists
expressing independent views. The EU expressed concern over prison
sentences and noted doubtful legal proceedings. Cases of intimidation
of journalists through defamation court proceedings, imprisonment
and threats continued to be reported and were criticized by the
international community including the EU. In March 2009, the Council
of Europe Parliament Assembly appointed a rapporteur on political
prisoners in Azerbaijan. The EU continues to raise these cases with
Azerbaijani authorities.

Where Should The Armenian Language Be Defended If Not In The Seconda

Alisa Gevorgyan

17.05.2010 18:15

The Armenian Government has approved the proposal of the Minister
of Education and Science to amend RA Law on Language, according to
which the ban on opening of foreign-language schools in the country
will be lifted.

The Armenian society is divided on the issue. Writer and translator,
ex-Minister of Culture Hakob Movses opposes the idea of opening
foreign-language schools in the republic. He says he would support
any initiative of teaching foreign languages on a high level, but he
wonders why the issue of opening of such schools has become so urgent
in case there are a lot of economic, social and educational-cultural
problems to be solved.

Ex-Minister of Education Ashot Bleyan says a definite "no" to the
initiative. The idea of opening foreign-language schools contradicts
the Constitution, which states that the state language of the Republic
of Armenia is the Armenian, he says. "Where should the Armenian
language be defended if not in the secondary school?" Bleyas asks.

Comstar Buys Remaining Shares in Armenian WiMAX Operator

May 16 2010

Comstar Buys Remaining Shares in Armenian WiMAX Operator

– Russia’s Comstar says that it has completed a transaction to increase
its shareholding in CallNet Enterprises, which owns 100% of the
Armenian operator Cornet. The Group has acquired 25% minus 1 share of
CallNet and now controls 100% of the company.

Cornet offers digital local and long distance telephony services,
broadband internet access, data transfer and corporate network
management services, utilizing both fixed line technologies as well as
WiMAX wireless services. Cornet uses both proprietary and rented fiber
optic and radio relay networks. The company’s customers comprise both
private and corporate subscribers, government organizations and other
communication operators.

Comstar’s initial shareholding of 75% plus 1 share in CallNet was
acquired in October 2006.

Turkish MP taken aback by Postanjyan’s remark

Turkish MP taken aback by Postanjyan’s remark
07:50 pm | May 14, 2010 | Politics

PACE committee on culture, science and education held a meeting in
Istanbul on May 10-11, 2010. Present at the meeting were PACE
President Mevlüt Çavusoglu, Turkish Minister of Tourism and Culture
Ertugul Gunay, State Minister Mehmet Aydin, head of the Turkish
delegation to PACE Erol Aslan Cebeci and other officials.

The meeting was attended by Heritage Party MP, permanent member of the
commission Zaruhi Postanjyan.

According to a Heritage press release, the meeting focused on draft
resolutions, reports and recommendations, including a report on
endangered languages by Turkish parliamentarian Ertugul Komsuoglu.
In her speech, Mrs. Zaruhi Postanjyan underlined that the report
contained a number of drawbacks; in particular there was no mention
about the Western Armenian and Assyrian languages which are, in fact,
involved on the UN list of endangered languages.

"I reminded that the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire was the
reason that put the language on the verge of disappearance," says
Zaruhi Postanjyan.

She also noted that the structure should take drastic measures to make
its member states ratify the European Framework Convention for the
Protection of National Minorities and European Charter for Regional or
Minority Languages

The Turkish deputy’s reaction was fierce and the discussion was
postponed for further consideration.

Komsuoglu announced that the Armenian delegate was offending his
feelings and his Turkish identity when speaking about the Armenian

Conference Des Comites De La Cause Armenienne


14 mai 2010

Azg, Hayots Achkhar, Aravot, 168 Jam et Golos Armenii rendent compte de
la conference des comites de la cause armenienne (Hay Dat) du parti
Dachnak a Erevan, qui continuera pendant trois jours et finira au
Karabagh. Dans son message d’ouverture, le dachnak Levon Lazarian
a note que la conference vise l’unification de la nation armenienne
dans le pays, aussi bien qu’au Karabagh et dans la Diaspora pour le
règlement des problèmes nationaux. Cela ne signifie pas, selon lui,
que l’on cherche la guerre ou l’extremisme, mais que l’on souhaite
simplement resoudre les problèmes nationaux en conformite avec
les interets nationaux. Armen Roustamian a pour sa part note que la
situation geopolitique changeante dans la region incite a de nouveaux
defis qui posent la question de savoir combien d’Etats independants se
trouveront au Sud Caucase, (3 Etats, 3+1, 3+2 ou 3+3). Il a insiste sur
le fait que la Turquie aspire a jouer un rôle plus grand dans la region
et que l’on doit alors aussi donner a l’Iran sa chance pour maintenir
l’equilibre. Les dachnaks sont d’avis qu’en depit des declarations
faites par les autorites armeniennes, les protocoles armeno-turcs ont
affecte le processus de reconnaissance internationale du genocide et
ont complique le travail des comites de la cause armenienne.

Ambassade de France en Armenie