Central Bank Issued Four Coins Within A Day


[05:50 pm] 25 December, 2006

Today RA Central Bank has issued four coins. One of them is designated
to the Armenian chess players’ victory in the Chess 37th Olympiad. The
coin is made of gold and its nominal value is 10 000 AMD.

The coin is outlined with the names of the Armenian chess players
– "A.Minasyan, L.Aronyan, V.Hakobyan, K.Asryan, G. Sargsyan and
S. Lputyan". The coin has the following inscription; "Golden Team"
and "Armenia".

The next coin is designated to the 125th anniversary of Hakob
Gurjian. At the bottom of the coin one can see Gurjian’s sculpture
"Salome". The nominal value of the coin is 10 000 AMD. The coin
is outlined with the sculptor’s name in the Armenian and English

The next silver coin was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary
of Marshal Hamazasp Babajanyan. One can see the State Emblem of the
Republic of Armenia on the coin and Hamazasp Babajanyan’s picture in
a military uniform on the back.

Finally, the last coin is designated to the 100th anniversary of Jan
Garzu. Its nominal value is 10000 AMD. Garzu’s portrait is on the back
of the coin. By the way, all the coins were made in Czech Republic.

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