K. Zanussi: Armenia Survives Dynamic Development


Yerevan, July 14. ArmInfo. "Armenia survives dynamic development,"
K.Zanussi, Polish film director, said this in the interview to ArmInfo.

Zanussi stated that as compared with the last year, the changes are
obvious. He added that within the framework this year’s festival
he didn’t manage to see any film. Nevertheless, he is familiarized
with the list of the films shown at the festival. He added that there
are much more good and important movies included in the competition
program of the festival than last year.

At the same time, Zanussi stated that in Poland in 18th century
there appeared snoberry to the Armenians, as they were considered
highly intellectual, educated and wealthy people. Moreover, Zanussi
said that The Polish people even have a proverb about the Armenians
which says that if someone wants to have a daughter with beautiful
eyes, he should marry and Armenian girl. Zanussi also said that the
old Diaspora of the Armenians living in Krakov belongs to higher
bourgeois. But the old Armenian Diaspora doesn’t communicate with the
new one. The new Armenian residents of Poland mainly belong to the
working class, but they also gradually try to achieve higher positions
in the society. Zanussi said that wherever he is he never forgets that
he knows the representatives of a nation that was the first to adopt
the Christianity as a state religion. In the end, Zanussi expressed
hope that he will also have Armenian guests, the students in his house.

It’s worth mentioning that Zanussi screened such films as "Contract,"
"The Year of the Serene Sun," "Life as Sexually Transmitted Fatal
Disease," "Persona Non Grata" and others.

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