Rescuer 2006 Exercise Opens in Armenia

Rescuer 2006 Exercise Opens in Armenia
15.07.2006 13:40

On July 14, the United States and Armenia opened Rescuer 2006 in
Armenia. Rescuer 2006 is an annual exercise sponsored by the US
European Command and conducted in the spirit of NATO’s Partnership
for Peace program. This multinational computer-assisted command post
exercise will be co-directed by military officers from the Armenian
Ministry of Defense and the Kansas National Guard.

This year’s exercise will focus on the capability to lead
a multinational task force. The primary objective is to train
commanders and staff in the conduct of multinational consequence
management, disaster response, and humanitarian assistance
operations. Furthermore, the exercise will assist in the development
of a common understanding of coalition staff planning procedures.
The exercise’s 300 participants come from the United States, Armenia,
Albania, Austria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Romania,
Tajikistan, and Ukraine.

At the ceremony marking the opening of the exercise, US Ambassador
John Evans thanked the exercise participants and noted the importance
of international cooperation in the field of disaster response and
humanitarian assistance. Ambassador Evans stated that NATO-Armenian
cooperation was continuing to strengthen and deepen, and expressed
the hope that Armenia and NATO’s Partnership for Peace program would
continue such valuable collaboration in the future.

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