Master Artavazd Peleshian:Time Is Against Me, While Cinema Is Agains


Yerevan, July 14. ArmInfo."I believe that the time will come, and the
scientific-technical progress will help the humanity to read the code
of the nature and reveal the unknown world that includes the entire
history of our Universe," Artavazd Peleshian, one of the great master
of world’s cinematography, prominent documentary director, said this
at today’s master class within the framework of "Golden Apricot" film
festival. Mr. Pelelshian said this in response to a visitor’s question
who asked whether he is concerned about the new technical inventions
that may replace real actors and film production methods used today. He
said that in the beginning the inventions and discoveries may frighten,
but later it turns out that the men of art may use them for their
own purposes without losing the art value of the film.

The author of the so called "distance montage" which helps reveal
"the absent reality" stated that he tries to fully reflect his view
of "the nature’s code" in all of his films. He added that in the
course of the montage a certain magnetic field is created between
the first and the second layers and helps to see the third, a newer
and more real one. Mr. Peleshian stated that as compared with the
associative, poetic and other types of montage, the distance montage
help see the real essence of the world, i.e., in his own terms "the
absent reality." Besides, he emphasized the importance of musical
accompaniment. "I like when in any film the music and the images
change their places and the music penetrates the space of the image
and the image enters the space of the musical layer. We can’t achieve
the expected effect without this "fusion," Mr. Peleshian said. At the
same time, he stated with regret that he can’t shoot films for already
14 years because of the financial problems. In particular, the lack of
about $10 million hinders him shoot the film "Homo Sapiens." Peleshian
wrote the script to this film already in 1968. He even intended to
shoot the film in collaboration with the French cinematographers,
but the financial problems prevented to begin the work. Even Jean
Luc Godard, great French film director, was very impressed by the
film’s script.

He added that in March, 2006, he agreed with Gevorgian, the former
RA Culture Minister, to begin the film screening works. Gevorgian
promised to spare no efforts to help him, but soon he resigned and
a new minister was appointed. "I still hope that I will be able to
begin the screening of the film," Mr. Peleshian said.

In the end of the master class Mr. Peleshian said: "Some people talk
of the phenomenon of my art, though I personally see no phenomenon. I
believe that the time is against me, while my art is against the time."

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