BAKU: Two presidents, peoples need to establish trust – French co-ch

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Jan 28 2005

Two presidents, peoples need to establish trust – OSCE MG French

The newly-appointed French co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group Bernard
Fassier visiting Baku, in a news briefing on Thursday, spoke of his
activity in CIS states.
He said that he acted as the French ambassador to Georgia in
1993-1997 and to Belarus in 1997-2002.
Touching upon the prospects for the ongoing peace talks between
Azerbaijan and Armenia, Fassier said that statements that the OSCE
Minsk Group is not engaged in any serious work are erroneous.
As for Armenia’s withdrawing its armed forces from the occupied Azeri
land, Fassier said that the `the co-chairs are unlikely to say
anything specific in this respect, as a relevant decision should be
made by the conflicting sides’.
Fassier said that the OSCE Minsk Group cannot settle the Garabagh
conflict instead of Azerbaijan and Armenia and the co-chairs may
assist the sides only in fostering dialogue. First of all, trust
should be established between the two presidents and second, the two
peoples, he said.
With regard to the PACE resolution on Upper Garabagh, Fassier said
the document states the stance of this organization, which is
considered a cradle of democracy in Europe. It also reflects the
position of parliamentarians represented at PACE, he said.
Fassier added that other international organizations should state
their position on the Garabagh conflict as well.*

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