Artist As Noble As A Violin


7 Oct 04

When seeing him in the street, each person becomes kinder and recites
the words he said in a film or in a theatre performance. Yervand
Manarian is such a person. His art makes people happy and gives them
joy. Recently, an arrangement dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of
Yervand Manarian was organized at RA Union of Theatre
Figures. Notwithstanding his age, he remained young and his spirit
sings the eternal song of light, kindness and youth.

Yervand Ghazanchian, Chairman of RA Union of Theatre Workers, pointed
out one of the sides of Yervand Manarian’s talent: “He has the talent
of remaining unnoticed. He does his work in silence without attracting
additional attention to it. As a result, everyone accepts his
works. His color, his kind differs from the one the others have.”

He performed in theatre and cinema. At present he has the theatre of
his own, “Agulis” puppet’s theatre. He thinks that his theatre will
educate “future authorities, future opposition”. But he knows well
that one can become a real artist in the stage and on the screen. “The
artist should work, the artist should play on the stage. How can
someone be an artist by appearing on the stage once a year,” Manarian
says. He is sure that there is much to do to improvethe theatre’s life
in Armenia.

One of our great artists is by our side and the only thing he wants is
to have the opportunity to perform as many beautiful plays as

By Sergey Galoyan

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