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Naira Melkoumian Received at the Canadian Diocese

On Friday June 11, 2004, Mrs. Naira Melkoumian, Executive Director
of the “Armenia” Pan-Armenian Fund (Himnadram) visited the Montreal
headquarters of the Canadian Armenian Diocese. His Eminence Bishop
Bagrat Galstanian, Primate, warmly welcomed the distinguished guest
in the Dikran Karibian Hall.

Attending the formal reception were Very Rev. Fr. Ararat Kaltakdjian,
Vicar General, Very Rev. Fr. Hayrig Hovhannessian, Rev. Fr. Vazken
Boyadjian, Pastor of St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, Dr. and
Mrs Haroutiun Arzoumanian, vice chairman of the Diocesan Council,
representatives of Montreal Armenian organizations, members of both
Montreal and Laval parish councils, Diocesan Youth Council members
and members of the Executive Committee of Montreal’s “Armenia” Fund.

Rev. Fr. Vazken Boyadjian welcomed the guests and introduced
Mrs. Melkoumian, who has been the Foreign Affairs Minister of
Mountainous Karabakh and permanent representative of Karabakh in
Armenia, before assuming the responsibility of Executive Director
of the “Armenia” Pan-Armenian Fund. Bishop Galstanian addressed
the guests and expressed his joy that this was the first time he
was welcoming a high-ranking official from Armenia. Serpazan said,
“Armenia is the homeland of all Armenians and that the strengthening of
our motherland socially, economically and politically is a sacred call
for all of us. Today, more than ever, we are called upon to preserve
our motherland, where our identity and the nation’s existence lies.”

Mrs. Naira Melkoumian thanked the Primate for the cordial reception
at the Diocesan headquarters. She then extensively talked about the
plans and the projects that the Fund is carrying out in Armenia and
in Artsakh. She asked His Eminence’s blessings and called for all
those present to support the mission of the “Armenia” Fund.

Bishop Galstanian visited Archbishop Andrew Hutchison

On Tuesday June 15, 2004 His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian visited
the Anglican Archdiocese of Montreal and personally congratulated
Archbishop Hutchison on his election as Primate of the Anglican Church
of Canada.

“Canadian Armenians are delighted as a close friend of their church
and their motherland Aremenia has been elected Primate of the Anglican
Church,” said Bishop Galstanian, and added, “We certainly look forward
for further cooperation and exchange of views between our respective
churches on many social issues”.

Archbishop Hutchsion briefly presented his plans for the coming
months and expressed his wish to officially visit the Mother See of
Holy Etchmiadzin, the Spiritual Centre of Armenian Christianity. His
Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian promised to convey Archbishop
Hutchison’s wish to His Holiness Karekin II in order to arrange an
official visit.

The Vicar General of Anglican Archdiocese Rev. Peter Hannen invited
Bishop Bagrat Galstanian to attend a farewell reception in honor of
Abp Hucthison where government officials as well as eminent spiritual
leaders will be present. Accompanying the Primate was Deacon Hagop

Pontifical and Diocesan Awards Bestowment

On Saturday June 12, Bishop Bagrat Galstanmian, Primate of the Armenian
Church Diocese of Canada, bestowed the Pontifical Medal of St Nersess
Shenorhali and the Holy Encyclical (Gontag) by His Holiness Karekin
II, Catholicos of All Armenians, to Mr. Kevork Manoukian, Chairman
of Montreal’s “Hayastan” Pan-Armenian Fund. Siultaneously, the
“Etchmiadzin” Diocesan First Order Medal was bestowed upon Mrs. Nayira
Melkoumian by His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian.

The occasion was the formal banquet held at the AGBU Alex Manougian
Center’s Jirair and Eliz Dervishian Hall, in honor of Mrs. Nayira
Melkoumian, Executive Director of “Hayastan” Pan-Armenia Fund
headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia. Mrs. Melkoumian talked about the
Fund’s projects in Armenia and Artsakh and thanked the Montreal and
Toronto committees as well as the Canadian Armenian community for
their support of the Fund’s reconstruction projects. Bishop Galstanian
praised Mr.George Manoukian’s leadership and services to the Canadian
Armenian community, then asked Rev. Fr Vazgen Boyajyan to read His
Holiness’ Encyclical, and then pinned the Pontifical Medal to the
recipients’s chest. The Primate tgen emphasized the importance
of supporting the “Hayastan” Pan_Armenia Fund, and bestowed the
“Etchmiadzin” Diocesan First Order Medal to Mrs. Nayira Melkoumian
in appreciation of her tireless efforts to serve Armenian and Artsakh.

Attending the banquet were representatives of community churches
organizations. The Diocesan Council was represented by Dr Haroutiun
Arzoumanian, Vice Cahirman.

Divan of the Diocese