Armenian diaspora head pledges assistance to Karabakh

Armenian diaspora head pledges assistance to Karabakh

Mediamax news agency
21 Jun 04

Yerevan, 21 June: The Armenian Assembly of America (AAA) is ready to
defend Nagornyy Karabakh’s interests on the international scene in
every possible way.

The chairman of the AAA board of directors, Anthony Barsamyan, said
this at a meeting with the NKR Nagornyy Karabakh Republic foreign
minister, Ashot Gulyan, on 19 June, Mediamax’s correspondent reports
from Stepanakert Xankandi .

Anthony Barsamyan said that during his visit to the NKR, he is going
to study the opportunities of the AAA’s assistance to Nagornyy Karabakh
in the implementation of humanitarian programs.

Ashot Gulyan familiarized the guest with the current state of the
Nagornyy Karabakh settlement and the situation in the region. The
minister noted that although the conflict has not been settled,
Nagornyy Karabakh should develop in all directions.

In this regard, Ashot Gulyan expressed the hope that the AAA will
render assistance to the processes of democratization and state
building in the NKR, the development of the republic’s public sector,
and the involvement of Karabakh’s NGOs in the realization of regional