A1+ TV Company Suit To Be Heard In European Human Rights Court Soon


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“The process has already started.Let’s see what will be”, Mesrop
Movsesyan, the head of A1+ TV Company that had been stripped of its
broadcasting license two years ago, said Tuesday speaking at a news
conference in the House of Journalists.

Mesrop Movsesyan and Tigran Ter-Yesayan, the Chair of the Lawyers
International Union, said at the news conference that European Human
Rights Court has already decided to start hearing A1+ suit filed in
2002 October against Armenian government.

“We are in advantageous position”, said Ter-Yesayan, who is also A1+
TV company’s attorney in the European Human Rights Court. The Court
has already notified the Armenian government about the necessity to
explain why the company’s suit is not due to be heard, he said.

It is hard to say whether Armenian government will manage to prove
that A1+’ s rights have not been infringed or not.

Ter-Yesayan said the plaintiff has spent one year to prepare a
1000-page complaint while the defendant is given time up to September
28, 2004, to submit objections to the Court and justify them.

If the government won’t respond to the Court letter till the deadline,
in any case the legal proceedings will continue.

Tigran Ter-Yesayan said it wasn’t ruled out that the Court to offer
both sides to settle the matter amicably by reaching compromise. In the
event if the accord is reached, no details of that will be revealed.

What A1+ expects in case of winning the case?

There is no demand of giving broadcasting frequency to the company in
the suit. We expect moral and financial compensation, Ter-Yesayan said.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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