Soccer: Armenian Cup winners since 1992

The Guardian
May 9 2004

Armenian Cup winners since 1992

Sunday May 9, 2004 8:26 PM

YEREVAN, May 9 (Reuters) – Results of Armenian Cup finals since the
competition began in 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union:
Season Winners Runners-up Score 1992 Banants Abovyan Sports Union of
Armenia Yerevan 2-0 1992-93 Ararat Yerevan Shirak Gyumri 3-1 1993-94
Ararat Yerevan Shirak Gyumri 1-0 1994-95 Ararat Yerevan Kotaik Abovyan
4-2 1995-96 Pyunik Yerevan Kotaik Abovyan 3-2 1996-97 Ararat Yerevan
Pyunik Yerevan 1-0 1997-98 Tsement Ararat Yerevan Yerevan 3-1 1998-99
Tsement Ararat Shirak Gyumri 3-2 1999-2000 Mika Ashtarak Zvartnots
Yerevan 2-1 2000-01 Mika Ashtarak Ararat Yerevan 1-1

(Mika Ashtarak won 4-3 on penalties) 2001-02 Pyunik Yerevan Zvartnots
Yerevan 2-0 2002-03 Mika Ashtarak Banants Yerevan 1-0 2003-04 Pyunik
Yerevan Banants Yerevan 0-0

(Pyunik Yerevan won 6-5 on penalties)

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All-time winners of Armenian Cup finals since the competition began
in 1992:

4 – Ararat Yerevan

3 – Mika Ashtarak, Pyunik Yerevan

2 – Tsement Yerevan

1 – Banants Abovyan (Banants Abovyan became Banants Yerevan in 1998)

Note: Ararat Yerevan were the only Armenian team to win the Soviet
Cup in 1973 and 1975.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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