Switzerland provides Armenia with 6.5m Swiss aid

April 5 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 5, ARMENPRESS: The governments of Armenia and the
Swiss Confederation signed on April 3 an agreement on technical,
financial and humanitarian cooperation as part of the regional
cooperation in the framework of which Armenia will receive 3.5
million Swiss Frank as a technical aid and 3 million Franks as a
humanitarian assistance. The agreement was signed by Armenian Finance
and Economy minister Vartan Khachatrian and Head of Policy Department
at the Swiss Foreign Ministry Blez Goden.
The focus of the cooperation program, which will be implemented in
Georgia and Azerbaijan as well, will be on promoting quality of
governance, effective exploitation of natural resources and the
disaster consequences. The program also aims at promoting the economy
and integrating Armenia into the world economy.
Switzerland has assisted Armenia since 1988 earthquake, mainly in
the form of humanitarian assistance. Starting 1991, major focus was
on long-term development programs. During 1993-2001, the government
of Switzerland provided Armenia with 23-25 million dollars of
humanitarian assistance within the framework of regional programs.