ARF makes final proposal for dialogue with opposition

April 5 2004


YEREVAN, APRIL 5, ARMENPRESS: Senior members of the Armenian
Revolutionary Federation (ARF) have once again called on the
opposition today, which is bracing up for, as its says, “the final
battle,” to give up their “unconstitutional demands and display
tolerance,” in order to start seeking ways for reconciliation.
ARF representatives also issued a statement calling on the
country’s political forces to fit their actions into the limits set
by the Constitution and laws, to start a dialogue to diffuse the
escalating tension. The ARF statement says that the accord between
the warring parties can be reached in what is related to creating a
new electoral system, carrying out constitutional changes and in the
fight against corruption. The statement also says that the dialogue
and accord must be guaranteed by the ruling coalition, of which ARF
is a member.
ARF top official, Armen Rustamian, said that compromises are
required from both sides to avert the confrontation. He also argued
that a shattered domestic stability will harm the efforts to resolve
the Karabagh conflict. “Before taking a step we shall have to
calculate all possible consequences,” he said.
Rustamian also ruled out the role of foreign powers in the
escalated domestic tension. According to him, unlike the neighboring
Georgia, Armenia’s president has its support base in the person of
the coalition government, adding that the government has all
necessary levers and resources to counter the opposition’s efforts to
make a revolution at whatever the cost.
According to another senior ARF member, Levon Mkrtchian, judging
from the opposition’s radical announcements there is no room left for
a dialogue. “Under such conditions the authorities have to take all
steps to ensure stability,” he concluded.