Armenians in Europe Reacted Angrily to British Ambassadors Statement


A1plus | 20:04:23 18-03-2004 | Politics |

The Assembly of Armenians of Europe and its member organizations
reacted to the statement made recently by British Ambassador Thorda
Abbott-Watt in relation with the events of 1915 events by issuing a
common resolution.

The British Ambassador has said in her statement that although the
British Government condemned the massacres as an atrocity at that
time, the evidence was not sufficiently unequivocal that what took
place could be categorized as genocide under the 1948 United Nations
Convention on Genocide and that the debate on this issue continues
among historians and lawyers.

The Assembly expects the British Ambassador in Armenia, Mrs. Thorda
Abbott-Watt to apologize publicly for her statement and officially
retract them. If she refuses, the Ambassador should be declared
persona non grata in the Republic of Armenia, the resolution says.

At the same time, the Assembly demands Armenian Parliament and
Government to adopt all necessary legislative and diplomatic measures
to prevent in the future others from making such offensive statements
against the memory of the Armenian nation.