Dental center at ARSU

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
March 8 2004


Very soon the State University of Artsakh will have its own dental
center provided with modern equipment. This means that the students
of the department of dentistry will not have to go to the policlinics
of the town for practical work. The equipment was acquired owing to
the rector of the ArSU Hamlet Grigorian and the “Union of Armenian
Doctors” of Teheran where the rector has been recently on a business
visit. Hamlet Grigorian told our journalist that one of the main aims
of his visit to Teheran was the acquisition of equipment for the
dental center. “As the university already has a department of
dentistry and already has graduate students, we must provide all the
possibilities and conditions for preparing qualified specialists. In
any sphere education should not be formal,” said the rector.
According to the arrangement with the rector of the ArSU in the
upcoming months the representatives of the “Union of Armenian
Doctors” will visit Artsakh State University. They promised to
provide part of equipment and medicament to the university as
humanitarian aid.