Azerbaijan makes 150 ceasefire violations over past week

Panorama, Armenia
Jan 20 2018

The Azerbaijani armed forces violated the ceasefire along the Line of Contact between Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) and Azerbaijan nearly 150 times from 14 to 20 January.

During this period, the adversary fired more than 1,800 shots towards the Armenian defense positions, the press service of the Artsakh Ministry of Defense told

The frontline units of the Defense Army are in control over the frontline situation and continue confidently fulfilling their military tasks. 

Top Obama aides ‘sorry’ they failed to recognize Armenian Genocide

Panorama, Armenia
Jan 20 2018

Two top aides to former President Barack Obama say his administration failed by not officially declaring that the mass slaughter of Armenians roughly 100 years ago constituted genocide – a topic that threatens America’s fragile relationship with Turkey, Politico reports.

Ben Rhodes and Samantha Power say the Obama administration was too worried about offending Turkey.

"It was a mistake," said Ben Rhodes, who served as a deputy national security adviser in the Obama administration. "We should have recognized the Armenian Genocide."

"I'm sorry," added Samantha Power, Obama's ambassador to the United Nations. "I'm sorry that we disappointed so many Armenian Americans."

The two shared their regrets earlier this week in response to an audience question during an episode of Pod Save the World, a podcast hosted by Tommy Vietor, another former Obama aide. Their statements were unusually frank given the sensitivity of an issue that has bedeviled U.S. presidents for years.

Paylan’s Armenian phrase over Hrant Dink replaced with ‘X’ sign in Turkish parliament’s records

Panorama, Armenia
Jan 20 2018

Garo Paylan, an Armenian member of the Turkish Parliament representing the opposition People’s Democratic Party (HDP) has referred to murder case of journalist Hrant Dink on the 11th anniversary of his assassination in his address to Turkey’s Majlis (parliament).

At the parliament session held on Thursday, Paylan and his party submitted a proposal to the Majlis calling for an investigating of the developments following Dink’s murder and preventing such acts, however HDP’s proposal was not included in the agenda, Ermenihaber reported citing T24 news agency.

The Turkish source noted that at the end of his speech dedicated to Turkish-Armenian intellectual, editor-in-chief of Agos newspaper, Hrant Dink, who was shot dead with three bullets on Jan. 19, 2007 in front Agos’ then-headquarters, Paylan used an Armenian phrase, “Asdvadz hogid lusavi” (God bless your soul), thanking him in Armenian. However, an 'X' sign was used instead of his Armenian remarks in the parliamentary records.

Earlier the Arabic and Kurdish language phrases addressed to the Turkish parliament were also replaced with the 'X' sign in the records.

Karabakh MOD: Azerbaijan fired over 1,800 shots within one week, Armenia
Jan 20 2018
Karabakh MOD: Azerbaijan fired over 1,800 shots within one week Karabakh MOD: Azerbaijan fired over 1,800 shots within one week

13:31, 20.01.2018

STEPANAKERT. – The adversary violated the ceasefire along the line of contact between the Karabakh and Azerbaijani opposing forces around 150 times, from January 14 to 20.

During this time the Azerbaijani armed forces fired more than 1,800 shots toward the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic/NKR) military positions, the Artsakh Ministry of Defense (MOD) informed Armenian

But the NKR Defense Army vanguard units control the operative and tactical situation, and they continue confidently carrying out their military task.

Syrian Armenians have started returning to their homes, Armenia
Jan 20 2018
Syrian Armenians have started returning to their homes Syrian Armenians have started returning to their homes

12:53, 20.01.2018

Ever since the restoration of relative calm, Syrian Armenians have started returning to their homes, according to Jirair Reisian, an Armenian member of the Syrian parliament, who spoke to Armenian

He noted that these Armenians have started returning from Lebanon, Armenia, and some Western countries, and that the internally displaced persons also have started coming back to their homes.

But Reisian noted that, first, it is necessary to restore the ruined and the damaged, as well as the huge economic losses to the Syrian Armenian community. He added, however, that Syrian Armenians are able to survive and they have an unbending determination to continue their lives. 

The Syrian Armenian MP noted that the Armenian community suffered major material losses during the civil war, plus it had casualties, severely injured, and dozens of missing.

But Jirair Reisian added that some buildings, houses, and shops belonging to Armenians are being restored. He said the damaged structures have been studied, the repair plans for the most of them are developed, and these works will be carried out considering the priorities.

Number of marriages and divorces grew in Karabakh in 2017

PanArmenian, Armenia
Jan 20 2018

PanARMENIAN.Net – 961 marriages were registered in Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) in 2017 against the 934 registered the previous year.

According to the Artsakh ministry of justice, the average age of getting married is 28 for men and 23 for women.

Furthermore, 227 divorces were registered in Artsakh in 2017 against the 168 applications submitted in 2016. The average age of those choosing to separate is 33, with women filing for divorce more often.

153 of the divorced couples have an underage child, Artsakhpress reports.

Armenia friend former US senator is awarded Congressional Gold Medal, Armenia
Jan 20 2018
Armenia friend former US senator is awarded Congressional Gold Medal Armenia friend former US senator is awarded Congressional Gold Medal

11:35, 20.01.2018

Armenia’s great friend, former US Senator Bob Dole, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, reported the Voice of America Armenian Service.

Dole, who was severely wounded during the Second World War, returned to a full life thanks to renowned American Armenian physician Hampar Kelikian. It was through this Armenian orthopedic surgeon that it became possible to save Bob Dole’s right hand, which all other physicians said it had to be amputated.

In the future, Senator Dole never forgot his Armenian “savior,” and had a special consideration toward the Armenian members of his staff. 

As senator, Bob Dole played a key role in the founding of Armenian-American relations, said executive director Aram Hamparian of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

Senator Dole was a major supporter of Armenian Genocide recognition.

Also, he played a key role in sending aid to earthquake-hit Armenia in 1988.

In addition, Bob Dole was one of the initiators of the US assistance program to Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh).

Sports: Armenian figure skater Slavik Hayrapetyan takes 15th spot at Europeans

Panorama, Armenia
Jan 20 2018
Sport 11:59 20/01/2018Armenia

Armenian figure skater Slavik Hayrapetyan took the 15th spot at the 2018 European Figure Skating Championships hosted by Moscow, Russia.

Showing a strong performance both in the short and free programs, the Armenian athlete finished with a combined total of 196.63 points setting a personal record, the National Olympic Committee reported.

Hayrapetyan scored 127.14 points in the free program taking the 16th place among the 24 finalists.

Javier Fernandez of Span claimed the European Champion’s title with a total of 295.55 points, outcompeting his rivals Dmitri Aliev (274.06) and Mikhail Kolyada (258.90).

Azerbaijan gets new supplies of Russian military equipment

Panorama, Armenia
Jan 20 2018

Azerbaijan has received a new batch of modern military equipment and ammunition from Russia, RIA Novosti reported citing Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry.

“In accordance with the intergovernmental agreement reached between Azerbaijan and Russia, the delivery of modern Russian-made military equipment to Azerbaijan continues in line with the plan,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement said the new batch of military equipment reached Azerbaijan on Friday.

The ammunition and other military equipment delivered to the port in Baku will soon be transferred to the military units stationed on the frontline zone, it added.