Aram Karapetyan Insulted


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Hearing of New Times party leader Aram Karapetyan’s suit against
National Unity party chair Artaches Geghamyan and MP Alexan
Karapetyan continued on Wednesday. The suit has been filed over
libelous statements made by above-mentioned persons that damaged Aram
Karapetyan’s dignity.

The plaintiff’s attorney in the trial Levon Baghdasaryan said that
Artashes Geghamyan and Alexan Karapetyan must be charged with libeling
his client by calling him the authorities’ puppet who is dancing to
their tune and by saying his whole activity is focused on tarnishing
the opposition reputation.

The defense attorney Gagik Kostandyan objected saying the articles
published recently about Aram Karapetyan were no more than political
opinions. What has been said about Aram Karapetyan needs no proof
and the aim of this legal proceeding is obvious – to raise his rating
and to mar the opposition.

The court didn’t make any decision at its Wednesday’s session. The
date set for the next session is June 30.

For high level elections


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
June 6 2004

Consultation was held at the government of NKR with the
participation of the government members, government agencies, heads
of municipalities, chairmen of regional and town election committees.
The consultation was conducted by the prime minister of NKR Anoushavan
Danielian. The participants of the consultation listened to the report
of the chairman of the NKR Central Election Committee S. Davtian
on the preparation and holding of elections to municipalities. He
emphasized that the aim of holding a consultation together with
the NKR government is to organize the elections on a high level, in
correspondence with the law currently in force and the international
standards. Stressing the importance of fair and transparent elections,
S. Davtian said that they expect competent and unbiased work of
the persons involved in the organization of elections. According
to S. Davtian, of the 242 communities in 9 elections will not take
place because the term of office of the heads of communities and the
community councils is not over yet. For the same reason elections to
the heads of 42 communities and elections to community council in 10
communities will not take place either. There is one question referring
to the nomination of candidates that requires further clarification:
certain heads of communities and nominees still owe tax debts to the
tax department. It was considered adequate to turn to the National
Assembly for this question. The nomination of candidates will take
place from June 19 to June 24 and the registration of the candidates
by the regional and town election committees will take place from
June 24 to July 19. Touching upon one by one the articles of the law
currently in force the chairman of the Central Election Committee
presented the order of drawing up the votersâ^À^Ù registers and
correcting them at the local election committees. The NKR Police
and the National Security Service were charged with maintenance of
order at all the polling stations, as well as organization of the
participation of prisoners in the election. The Ministry of Education,
Culture and Sport will through the efforts of teachers organize
speeches for the voters emphasizing the importance of the elections
in accomplishment of statehood. A number of problems connected with
finance were clarified. In reference to the election campaign the order
of paid service of the mass media was covered. It was mentioned that
election campaign will be carried out on the means of the foundation
for the candidates maintaining equal conditions for them. S. Davtian
thanked the newspaper “Azat Artsakh” for conscientious coverage of the
meetings of the Central Election Committee. Once again emphasizing
the importance of the elections to the municipalities and summing
up the results of the government consultation NKR prime minister
Anoushavan Danielian drew the attention of the participants to the
political aspect of the elections. He stressed that the elections are
in the center of attention of the NKR president and everything must
be done for the sake of high level of organization. “These elections
are to be different from the previous ones in transparency and high
level of organization. The economic sphere of the country is getting
improved gradually. The legislative sphere is formed. Therefore we
have all the possibilities to hold top-level transparent elections,”
said Anoushavan Danielian.


New Organization


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
June 6 2004

On June 10 the founding meeting of the NKR public organization of
refugees took place with the participation of the undertaking group
and refugees from different regions of the republic. The head of
the department of migration and refugees under the NKR government
Serge Amirkhanian addressed the guests. One of the aims of the
organization is raising the problems of the refugees living in NKR
at the NKR state bodies and international organizations, as well as
social and economic assistance to the refugees and defence of their
legal interests. The main aim set by the organization is to pursue
the question of compensation for the possessions left by these people
forced out from Azerbaijan in 1988-1992. Besides, the organization
intends directing its activity at the assistance to the development of
the native region, the process of its integration and unification with
the motherland. The administration of the newly founded organization
addressed the heads of regional administrations with the request to
assist to the activity of the organization. The founding meeting
chose the members of administration: Sanasar Saroyan (chairman),
Aida Avanessian (secretary) and Vladimir Sarghissian (cashier). The
discussion of the regulations of the organizations is continuing.

Children’s playground


Azat Artsakh – Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (NKR)
June 6 2004

At the rehabilitation center of Stepanakert a children’s playground
was built on the funding of the International Committee of the Red
Cross. This event imparted a new meaning to the celebration of June
1. On this day according to the tradition the visitors and guests
of the center celebrated the birthday of seven-year-old Tigran, one
of the “old residents” of the center. For most of us children are
embodiments of vitality and health, energy and happiness, whereas not
everyone enjoys this happiness. In Karabakh about 500 children are
not capable of moving and coming in touch with their peers. However
this does not deprive them of enjoying life, feeling the assistance
and kindness of people. Everywhere there are kind people and these
children who know physical discomfort do not feel moral discomfort
when coming in touch with such people. At the rehabilitation center
they feel at home with their therapist sisters and the head of
the family Vardan. The people working in the center do everything
to provide necessary conditions for the treatment and rest of the
children. On May 1 certificates were delivered to the children who
finished the courses of computer under the center. In the center
there are courses of music, woodworking, drawing. Soon according
to the director of the center Vardan Tadevossian a pottery workshop
will be opened at the center. In the center about 60 children receive
outpatient treatment. Soon the inpatient treatment department will be
opened. “We are grateful to those kind people who provided us with
central heating, and inpatient treatment department will work all
year long and not only in summer as formerly,” said Vardan. He also
emphasized that soon with the government’s aid the yard of the center
will be repaired. The director thanked all those people who help
the center to make the life of the children attending the center
more interesting and full. He especially thanked the Red Cross. The
director of the Stepanakert office of the ICRC Mireille Bernard
said the organization implements a program of construction of safe
playgrounds in the territory of Nagorni Karabakh, especially at the
settlements near which there are minefields. According to M. Bernard,
there are already 21 such playgrounds in Karabakh. 


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

ANKARA: OIC Urges Middle East Quartet To Implement Peace Roadmap

OIC Urges Middle East Quartet To Implement Peace Roadmap


ISTANBUL (CIHAN) – The Organization of Islamic Conferences called
on the Middle East quartet to pressure the Israeli government to end
violence against the Palestinians.

The joint declaration of the 31st Foreign Ministers Summit of the
OIC said that world`s second largest organization will aid the
Palestinian people and help them to attain their free rights and to
help Palestinians form an independent state.

The Middle East quartet consists of the UN, the USA, Russia, and the
EU. The OIC calls for the group to stop Israel from implementing
violence, enforce the roadmap for Middle East peace and give
international aid to the Palestinian people.

In relation to Iraq, the OIC reaffirmed its support for the newly
founded Iraqi government by voicing support for steps aimed at ending
the occupation of Iraq and transferring sovereignty to the Iraqi
people. The joint communiqué said that the programs and activities
of the transitional Iraqi government should be clear and basic.

The OIC also welcomed the 1546th numbered resolution of the UN
Security Council.

The joint declaration of the OIC Foreign Minister Summit said that
it will continue to monitor progress between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
“The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan should be resolved on
basis of protecting the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.”

The declaration also condemned terrorist activities across world.

Armenian, Azerbaijani Troops Clash On Border

Armenian, Azerbaijani Troops Clash On Border

Radio Free Europe, Czech Republic
June 17 2004

16 June 2004 — The Armenian military today said one of its officers
was killed in a clash with Azerbaijani forces along the country’s
northeastern frontier.

Army Chief of Staff Mikael Arutunian said clashes in the area east of
Idzhevan, an important road and rail center, broke out a week ago when
Azerbaijani troops attempted to take a position on a hilltop that would
have enabled them to control a source of water running into Armenia.

Arutunian claimed several troops on the Azerbaijani side were killed.

There was no immediate confirmation from Baku.

There have been repeated such incidents in various frontier regions
since the signing of a cease-fire in 1994.

At least three Azerbaijanis were reported killed in similar clashes
along the frontier last year.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Chess: Vishwanathan Anand leads Rest of the world team to victory

Vishwanathan Anand leads Rest of the world team to victory

Deepika, India
June 17 2004

Moscow, Jun 16 (PTI) Former World Champion Vishwanathan Anand led
the Rest of the world team to victory by drawing his final round game
with World No. 1 Garry Kasparov of Armenia team.

Despite a defeat in the sixth and final round, Rest of World held
on to their lead, winning the match with a narrow 18.5-17.5 score at
the Hyatt Ararat here yesterday.

Rest of the world began the last round with a cushion of two point lead
at 16-14, while Armenia looked for two extra wins, without defeats.

Playing the World No. 1 Garry Kasparov with white pieces, Anand
snatched the precious half point with a comfortable draw. The Sicilian
Pelican game between Anand and Kasparov, saw neither player willing
to take the risk.

A little out of the theoretical waters, Anand captured the center
“d” pawn and offered a draw which Kasparov accepted. Just into the
middle game, Anand held more than one even position on the queenside,
but Kasparov’s double bishop ensured splitting of the point.

Anand completed the event with two wins, a lone defeat to Leko and
three draws.

The only decisive game of the day came from the Vaganian-Adams game,
wherein the veteran Armenian brought in all his experience in the
Queens Indian game to down the English Grandmaster.

Religious Life: Young Armenian Priest in Bucharest

Str. VORONEÞ Nr.7, bl. D 5, sc.A, ap.14
ISSN 1224 – 0702

Weekly bulletin
Year XII, No 558, 13 June 2004



Since April last, in the Cathedral *the Saint Apostles* in Bucharest
Father Khoren (Artavazd) Zakarian, from Armenia, serves the holy
service. For the faithful attending this holy place, the largest one
dedicated to Orthodox Armenians in Romania, the service officiated by
Father Khoren together with the parochian Fr. Bogdan Ezras, represents
one more reason to enjoy and enhance their faith.

Born in February 1977 in Gyumri (Armenia), after the devastating
earthquake of 1988, he moved with his family in Ecimiadzin, where he
graduated the gymnasium and in 1994 he studied at the Theological
Seminary *Vasken I*, near the lake of Sevan. After five years
he finished his religious education at the Theological Seminary
Kevorkian, with the Holy See of Ecimiadzin. He graduated magna cum
laude the semi-nary with the essay entitled *Armenian Martyrs of the
5th century*. With the blessing of the Catholicos Patriarch of all
Armenians, His Sanctity Karekin II, he joined the Canto Department of
the State Conservatory of Erevan, where he is a student in the fourth
year. On February 27th, 2003 he was consecrated as monk priest under
the name of Khoren by the Primate Martirossian Bartkev of the Diocese
of Arþagh. At the recommendation of the Catholicos Patriarch, he
became a member of the evaluation committee of theological seminaries
of the Armenian Church and is also a lecturer at the Liturgical Music
Department of the Theological seminary Vasken I. Before coming to
Bucharest he served as priest at the Church Surp Gaiane in Ecimiadzin,
informs the newspaper of the Armenian Union of Romania, Ararat, no. 9
(294)/ May 1-15th, 2004.

Foreign Ministry denies Turkey toughened visa regime for Armenians

Foreign Ministry denies Turkey toughened visa regime for Armenians

Mediamax news agency
16 Jun 04

Yerevan, 16 June: The Armenian Foreign Ministry today said that reports
about Turkey toughening the visa regime for Armenian citizens were
wide of the mark.

“According to information from the Turkish embassy in the Russian
Federation, the procedure of visits to Turkey by Armenian citizens has
not changed. Therefore, the press reports are wide of the mark,” the
press secretary of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, Gamlet Gasparyan,
said today. He also stressed that the Turkish authorities had not
informed the Armenian side about any changes in the visa regime.

There are no diplomatic relations between Armenia and Turkey. Armenian
citizens obtain Turkish visas at border checkpoints in Georgia or at
Istanbul airport.

Armenian village comes under Azeri fire

Armenian village comes under Azeri fire

Noyan Tapan news agency, Yerevan
16 Jun 04

Noyemberyan, 15 June: The village of Baganis of Tavush District
came under fire from assault rifles at around 2200 [1700 gmt] on 14
June from the positions in Qazax District of Azerbaijan. There are
no casualties.

This explains why the Voskepar-Kirants road was closed three days
ago. The vehicles now follow a detour.

The situation here became tense after the Azerbaijanis established
a checkpoint at a dam on the Dzhogazsk water reservoir. The
Armenian-Azerbaijani border passes via this reservoir.