Armenian-Russian Business Conference Held In Yerevan


MAY 20, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 20, ARMENPRESS: Armenian-Russian business forum was held
today in the Armenian Development Agency with the participation of
businessmen from Orenburg and Armenia and organized by the Armenian
Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The 70% of foreign financial investments in Armenia come to share to
Russia. In 2009 the trade turnover between the two countries made more
than 900 million USD, 790 million USD of which is import. Last year
Russia’s direct investments in Armenia made more than 380 million USD
which is the 53.9% of the whole foreign investments in Armenia during
the 2009. The investments were made in electricity, gas production,
land transport, telecommunication, etc.

Managing director of ADA Robert Harutyunyan welcomed the participants
of the conference, noting that quite active Armenian community is
functioning in Orenburg the business representatives of which where
also present that the conference.

"I think that first Armenian businessmen must cooperate with them.

Armenians in Orenburg are mainly working in construction, food industry
and trade spheres and I think that general interests will be found
between the businessmen of the two countries. Orenburg Armenian
community may turn into the accelerator of this cooperation," R.

Harutyunyan said.

According to him, in the construction sphere too Armenia has registered
great success and has ancient-long traditions but the energy and
agricultural sphere are also of interest and are well developed in
the Russian province. "Our current relations do not reflect the real
potential existing between Armenia and Orenburg. The businessmen have
exclusive opportunity to find mutual interests," Robert Harutyunyan

In 2009 the trade turnover of Armenia with Orenburg made only 103
000 USD: metals, devices were imported, stones, building materials
were exported. Eight Armenian enterprises are working in Orenburg.

Chairman of the Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Martin
Sargsyan expressed hope that certain arrangement will be reached
between the businessmen, over creation of joint enterprises as well.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Orenburg Victor
Sitizhev noted that in Armenia the businessmen of Orenburg wish to
make investments in the sphere of medicine as well, establishing
new medical diagnostic center. Besides, it is expedient to establish
permanent air communication between Armenia and Orenburg.

Within the framework of the conference cooperation contract has been
signed between Armenian and Orenburg chambers.

Edward Nalbandian: "The Information Is False"


On May 21, Armenia’s Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian had a meeting
with his Argentinean counterpart Jorge Taiana. The meeting was followed
by a joint press conference.

Minister Nalbandian today refuted Turkish media reports about a new
document negotiated by Armenia and Turkey.

"The information is false and is not worth being commented on,"
he said during the joint conference with the Argentinean FM.

The Armenian Minister also denied reports about discussions on
withdrawal of NKR Defense troops from Kelbajar and Lachin.

Asked how the Armenian FM refers to President Medvedev’s statement
in Turkey that Russia will contribute to the Karabakh conflict
settlement, the Armenian FM said, "As a Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk
Group, Russia is contributing to the settlement to the Karabakh
conflict. In terms of the constructive position, it doesn’t matter
where and when the statement was made. You know that Russian President,
who initiated a range of meetings between Armenian and Azerbaijani
presidents, significantly contributes to the efforts of the Minsk
Group Co-Chairs. And it’s natural for Russian President to express
his readiness to continue efforts towards the process of the conflict

Asked to comment on the resolution on the South Caucasus adopted by
the European Parliament yesterday, Minister Nalbandian said: "First of
all, I would like to express our respect for the European Parliament.

However, the points on the Karabakh issue do not go in line with the
Madrid Principles, the L’Aquila Statement or the Moscow Declaration
the document refers to."

"There is an obvious confusion here, and one of the reasons is that
the author of the report has never been to Karabakh and has not even
consulted with the members of the European Union. That is why some of
the points contradict even the position of the European Union. The
European Union expressed its stance in a statement issued in Athens
in December 2009, which is fully in line with the Armenian position."

Exhibition Of National Minorities In Armenia


May 19 2010

On May 20 in Yerevan in the hall of the UNO will take place the
exhibition of the national minorities in Armenia which is organized
by the public information department of the UNO, the department of
the Ethnic Minorities and religious issues as well as the Armenian
association of the UNO.

The event is dedicated to the international day of the development
of dialogue and cultural diversity as well as the international year
of the Youth: "Equal rights and equal opportunities for the National
Minorities in Armenia."

As the Armenian office of the UNO informed, the exhibition will be
followed by the presentation of the innovative programs worked out
by the young leaders of the communities of the national minorities.

The programs are concentrated on the development of the communities
of Minorities, on reinforcing the dialogue among the minorities and
on their integration in the public.

In the event will take part the representatives of the UNO public
information department Maria Dotsenko, the head of the Armenian
Association of the UNO Armine Podosyan, the head of the National
Minority department Vardan Astsatryan as well as representatives of
civic and international communities.

R. Hakobyan Says Armenia Must Undertake Steps For Isolating Turkey F


MAY 18, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 18, ARMENPRESS: A concrete timeframe must be defined
for the ratification of the Armenian-Turkish protocols on regulation
of relations, political analyst, director of "Akunk" analytic center
Ruben Hakobyan said today at a meeting with journalists. According to
him, if Turkey does not ratify the protocols till the defined time,
Armenia can recall its signatures.

The political analyst said that in that case Armenia will be
invulnerable at the diplomatic platform, as the Turkish authorities
continue to come forward with statements, according to which Armenia
is guilty for the suspension of the process.

Turkey can make the best use of the situation and ratify the protocols
when it wishes. For moving the process forward, Europe, the USA and
Russia must define concrete timeframes," R. Hakobyan said.

According to him, in the period of frosting of the process, Turkey
does its best for being involved in the regulation process of the
Karabakh conflict, trying to establish close relations with Russia.

Turkey and Azerbaijan want to change the status quo of Karabakh. R.

Hakobyan said he is of the opinion that Armenia must undertake certain
steps for isolating Turkey from the regulation process of the Nagorno
Karabakh conflict.

"If friend Azerbaijan is on one side of Karabakh conflict regulation
process and on the other side the historic rival – Armenia, then
how can Turkey help being impartial? It is just impossible and a
self-deception," R. Hakobyan said.

Issue On Dismissing L. Nanyan From Office To Be Discussed At Upcomin


MAY 18, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 18, ARMENPRESS: The issue on dismissing Shirak Governor
Lida Nanyan from the office will be discussed at the upcoming session
of the Armenian government. "Armenpress" reports, citing the official
website of the Armenian government, which says that the issue is
included in the agenda of the session.

L. Nanyan had submitted a resignation application on May 14. Governors
are appointed and dismissed with the decision of the government.

Armenia Should Isolate Turkey From Karabakh Process


May 18, 2010 – 16:39 AMT 11:39 GMT

The latest developments in Karabakh process arouse concerns, according
to director of Akunk analytical center Ruben Hakobyan.

"Turkey and Azerbaijan have set themselves a task to change the status
quo in the region on the basis of Madrid Principles. It’s not ruled
out that approximating positions with Ankara and Baku, Russia will
exert leverage on Armenia in the Karabakh issue," he told reporters
on May 18.

"There is an impression that Armenia was pushed out of all processes.

The OSCE Co-chairing countries can reach an agreement on Karabakh
with Turkey and Azerbaijan and then just impose it on Armenia. So,
now, the number one task for Yerevan is to isolate Turkey from the
Karabakh process," Hakobyan said.

He also stressed the necessity of NKR re-engagement in talks and
recognition of its independence by Armenia.

Un numero special sur l’Armenie dans le mensuel a Austrian Airlines

Un numéro spécial sur l’Arménie dans le mensuel « Austrian Airlines Skyline »


dimanche16 mai 2010, par Krikor Amirzayan/armenews

Le 10 mai, à l’initiative de l’Ambassade d’Autriche à Erévan et le
ministère arménien de l’Economie un numéro spécial de l’« Austrian
Airlines Skyline » fut dédié à l’Arménie. Les articles en allemand et
anglais du mensuel autrichien présentent les divers aspects de
l’histoire, la culture, les aspects religieux, l’économie et le
patrimoine architectural de l’Arménie. L’objectif de la publication et
de faire connaître l’Arménie et développer le tourisme à destination
de l’Arménie.

The 19th Session Of The Board Of Trustees Of The "Hayastan" All-Arme


MAY 14, 2010

YEREVAN, MAY 14, ARMENPRESS: The 19th session of the Board of Trustees
of the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund took place today in the reception
house of the Armenian government and chaired by the President of the
RA and the Board Serzh Sargsyan. Thirty two out of 36 members of the
Board and 25 representatives of the local bodies were present. The
session launched with the prayer voiced by His Holiness Catholicos
of All Armenians Karekin II.

Candidacy of the new member of the Board Tiruhi Burmannyan has been
approved. Serzh Sargsyan said that her husband is Brazilian-Armenian
philanthropist Varuzhan Burmanyan who had a notable contribution to
the activity of the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund as well as in the
life of the Brazilian Armenian community.

Afterwards a film was shown which was telling about the programs
carried out by the fund in 2009. Executive director of the fund
Ara Vardanyan told the reporters that during the 2009 telethon 16
million have been donated of which 11 million is intended for Shushi
renovation, about two million for the implementation of programs in
Karabakh and the rest for the remote villages in Armenia. Works have
been carried out particularly in school building, water systems,
road building, healthcare spheres.

A. Vardanyan noted that the sums of the next telethon will be directed
toward improving the NKR water supply systems, as well as the programs
in remote villages of Armenia will continue.

Armenian Diaspora Minister Hranush Hakobyan noted that "Hayastan"
All-Armenian Fund has created an important network in different
countries. "The programs carried out by the Fund are seen to all. I am
glad that the activity of the whole past year has been focused on the
restoration of Shushi," Hranush Hakobyan said. She praised that the
2010 means will be directed toward improving the water supply systems.

The NKR President Bako Sahakyan highly praised the works of the
fund and highlighted its intention to direct the sums of the 2010
telethon to the improvement of the water systems. "This issue is
very important in 200 from 300 villages the water supply system in
not in the satisfactory state, we may say that it is in a desperate
state. The Board of Trustees adopted the decision and we are very
glad for it. We will exert all possible measures for high-quality
and timely implementation of the works," B. Sahakyan said.

He said they are planning to move the Ministry of Culture, Ombudsman
office, State Cadastre Committee and the whole judicial system to
Shushi, which B. Sahakyan said will activate the two.

Davutoglu: No One Will Benefit If Armenia-Turkey Protocols Are Suspe

13.05.2010 16:55

"No one would benefit if the protocols signed between Turkey and
Armenia get suspended," Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said,
speaking on Haberturk TV channel.

"Turning back from the protocols is neither to the interest of Turkey
nor Armenia," Davutoglu said.

Just as in the Balkans, Turkey will help realize "psychological
revolution" in the Caucasus. "We will turn the Caucasus into a region
of peace and security, Davutoglu also said.

State -Run Universities To Start Receiving Applications From School


May 12, 2010

YEREVAN, May 12, /ARKA/. A senior official of the Armenian education
and science ministry said today state -run universities will start
receiving applications from school graduates wishing to join these
universities a week earlier than before.

Speaking at a news conference Karo Nasibian, head of the Assessment
and Testing Center of the ministry, said the reception of applications
will start from May 5 and continue up to June 1. However, the deadline
is extended to July 10 for foreign applicants, army servicemen ending
their mandatory military service and Armenian citizens finishing
their education in foreign countries.

Karo Nasibian said also the ministry has introduced stricter conduct
rules for applicants. Particularly, an applicant caught using a mobile
phone or cribs will be told to leave the examination room. He added
that applicants with mobile phones will be banned from entering
examination rooms and whether they use it or not if the phone is
found the applicant will be banned from taking the exam, he said.