Eurovision: People think Armenia’s Eurovision song says ‘fart in my face’

Ella Scott

Eurovision Song Contest fans have been left stumped after mishearing lyrics from Armenian entry 'Brunette'.

The Eurovision Grand Finale is taking place tonight (13 May) and there have already been some sterling performances from the likes of Spain, Serbia, and 2012 Eurovision winner, Loreen from Sweden.

The national European music competition is being held at Liverpool’s M&S Arena and is being broadcast live by the BBC.

However, Eurovision superfans have been left puzzled after Armenia’s Brunette – real name Elen Yeremyan – took to the stage this evening to perform her entry, ‘Future Lover’.

Following the powerful rendition, fans across Europe were quick to hop on social media to question whether Brunette was actually asking the crowd to do perform a not-so-pleasant act.

The actual lyrics to ‘Future Lover’ are: “I wanna’ scream and shout/ My heart caught in chains/ Cold heart, cold hands, fire in my veins / Fire in my veins, heart in chains”.

However, watchers are mishearing the lyric ‘Fire in my veins’ as ‘Fart in my face’.

One Reddit user wrote: “For some reason the first time I heard ‘Future Lover’, I thought Brunette was saying ‘Fart in my face’ instead of ‘Fire in my veins’ and ‘I still have the coldest ass’ instead of ‘Hands’.

"Maybe there is something wrong with my brain."

Elsewhere, a Twitter user took to social media to question: “Is the Albanian song saying ‘Fart in my face’?” while another said, “Sorry, but I heard ‘Fart in my face’ there.”

A third tweeted: “It’s unfortunate that ‘Fire in my veins’ sounds alarmingly like ‘Fart in my face.’ That aside, Armenia has a great Eurovision song.”

While another Twitter user said: “ Armenia ‘fart in my face’ is an interesting lyric. This song started out nice but forgettable and then it went somewhere else entirely and I wish I could forget it.”

However, it turns out that it’s not just Armenia’s Brunette who is causing confusion, as fans have also been getting mixed up with a few more lyrics.

One Reddit user said: “In Israel, there’s one from ‘Carpe Diem’, the first line of the chorus sounds like he is saying in Hebrew ‘Who here wants to knead Ali’s place’. Also ‘Blood and glitter, Satan’s dinner.”

Another agreed and wrote: “I heard ‘Satan’s sinner' in ‘Blood & Glitter’ until I learnt it was ‘Saint and sinner’ which makes more sense within the context of the lyrics.”

Also regarding the German song ‘Blood & Glitter’ entry, another fan wrote: “Wait WHAT it’s not ‘Satan’s sinner’? I found that such an epic like. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.”

Armenia is yet to win Eurovision and their highest-ever placement is 4th, which they achieved in both 2008 and 2014.

Artsakh Human Rights Defender Briefs Congressional Staffers

Artsakh Human Rights Defender Gegham Stepanyan

WASHINGTON—The Armenian National Committee of America hosted a Capitol Hill briefing for Congressional offices on Wednesday, featuring a live reporting from Artsakh Human Rights Defender Gegham Stepanyan and ANC Artsakh Director Gev Iskajyan.

Stepanyan and Iskajyan provided on-the-ground updates on the impact of Azerbaijan’s 150-day blockade and escalating campaign to complete the ethnic-cleansing of Artsakh. Both highlighted the urgency of the situation facing the citizens of Artsakh, most notably the young, elderly, and infirm, resulting from the lack of gas, food, and medicine. Speakers placed special focus on the recent placement of an illegal Azerbaijani checkpoint on the only road connecting Artsakh with Armenia, which has prevented the International Red Cross from delivering supplies or transporting critically-ill patients over the past several weeks.

ANCA Government Affairs Director Tereza Yerimyan provided a Washington, DC perspective on the crisis facing Artsakh, with a focus on specific legislative and other policy-driven solutions, urging passage of the Anti-Blockade resolution (H.Res. 108) and legislation supporting Artsakh recognition (H.Res.320). Yerimyan also urged action on the Armenian Genocide Education Act (H.R.2803 and S. 1329) as an important step toward preventing future genocides. The hour-long briefing ended with a question and answer session.

Participants included dozens of legislative offices, local ANCA chapter leaders, and a broad array of ANCA coalition partners. The top-line policy issues covered during the presentation included:

  • Ending U.S. military assistance to Azerbaijan
  • Identifying Azerbaijan as the belligerent party
  • Sending humanitarian assistance to Artsakh
  • Holding Azerbaijan accountable for war crimes

The ANCA regularly connects Artsakh stakeholders with Congressional and decision-makers in the Washington, DC foreign policy community.


Mirzoyan, Bayramov Will Meet in Moscow Next Week

Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers Ararat Mirzoyan (right) and Jeyhum Bayramov meet in Washington on May 1

Days after the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan are scheduled to meet in Brussels on May 14, the foreign ministers of the two countries also will hold talks in Moscow next week.

Armenia’s Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday that foreign ministers Ararat Mirzoyan and Jeyhun Bayramov will meet in Moscow on May 19.

Next week’s meeting will mark the first time that the two foreign ministers will meet after holding four-day talks near Washington last week, hosted by Secretary of State Antony Blinken. In his public comments, Blinken said that progress for normalizing relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan was made and peace between the countries was “within reach.”

Mirzoyan, while encouraged by the Washington talks, said that “lingering differences” remained between Yerevan and Baku. Pashinyan later said those difference centered on the security and safety guarantees for Karabakh and its people, which has been exacerbated by the almost five-month-long blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan.

Armenia’s National Security chief Armen Grigoryan told reporters on Tuesday that there has been no progress on some of the most crucial issues in its talks with Baku.

“We have stated many times our approach regarding Artsakh, that international mechanisms should be created, Stepanakert and Baku should discuss rights and security issues,” Grigoryan said Tuesday, adding that the provisions of the November 9, 2020 agreement were being overtly and blatantly ignored.

Meanwhile, Bayramov said on Wednesday that he and Mirzoyan made progress toward a peace treaty between the Washington talks last week.

“It cannot be said that we fully reached an agreement as there are quite a lot of differences between the positions of the parties,” he told reporters. “But some points of the peace treaty were agreed upon in those negotiations. We took a step forward.”

Asbarez: Aliyev Says Illegal Lachin Checkpoint ‘Fully Restored’ Azerbaijan’s Territorial Integrity

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in a nationally televised address from occupied Shushi on May 10

President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan said on Wednesday that by illegally opening a checkpoint at the blockaded Lachin Corridor his government has “fully restored” Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

Speaking from occupied Sushi and delivering a message marking the centennial of the birth of his father, the great dictator Haydar Aliyev, Ilham Aliyev boasted that his government’s violation of international norms and practices, including the very document that carries his signature—the November 9, 2020 agreement—has yielded the fulfillment of his father’s will.

“Just like we fulfilled the will of the Great Leader, liberated our native lands, and restored our territorial integrity. We established a border checkpoint on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border on April 23, raised the Azerbaijani flag there, and fully restored our territorial integrity. Our civilian mission will continue as well, and we will honorably fulfill the mission of restoring this beautiful land,” Aliyev said in video message.

“Today, Karabakh is reviving, Zangezur is reviving, and we are building and creating in our native lands. We will successfully carry out the mission of restoring Karabakh and Zangezur,” said Aliyev, adding that already several villages and towns are under development in the disputed areas that he refers to as “Zangezur.”

Calling Azerbaijan’s army “one the strongest in the world,” Aliyev announced in his nationally televised address that the defense budget of his country will increase.

“In the matter of army building, we have always worked in a systemic way and we continue this work. After the second Karabakh war, we did not stop, on the contrary, we are moving forward. Additions will be introduced in this year’s state budget; a considerable part of additional spending will again be earmarked for defense purposes. Why? Because we must always be ready. The threats are increasing, the danger is increasing, and we must be able to overcome any threat,” Aliyev said.

“The Azerbaijani army is among the strongest armies in the world both in terms of weapons and combat readiness. Our army fought, showed its strength not in a [military] parade, but on the battlefield. This is our army. Army building is being ensured at a proper level today as well, it will be ensured from now on as well,” Aliyev emphasized.

More than $3.1 billion, or 16 percent of Azerbaijan’s state budget, is allocated for defense and national security spending.

Armenpress: Azerbaijan launches artillery attack on Armenian positions near Sotk, 2 wounded



 07:42, 11 May 2023

YEREVAN, MAY 11, ARMENPRESS. Armenian military positions are under Azerbaijani gunfire since 06:00 Thursday, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia reported.

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are shelling the Armenian positions in the direction of Sotk with artillery and mortar fire.

The Armed Forces of Armenia are taking the necessary defensive-preventive measures, the ministry added.

The Ministry of Defense reported that two Armenian servicemen were wounded as of 07:00.

As of 07:20 the Armenian positions were still under Azerbaijani gunfire.

At the same time, the Armenian Ministry of Defense warned that the Azerbaijani authorities are again spreading disinformation. In particular, the statement released by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry accusing the Armenian military of firing at Azerbaijani positions and wounding an Azerbaijani soldier on May 10 is untrue.

BREAKING: Azerbaijani military opens fire at ambulance evacuating wounded Armenian troops



 08:18, 11 May 2023

YEREVAN, MAY 11, ARMENPRESS. As of 08:00 Thursday the Azerbaijani military continued shelling Armenian positions in the Sotk section with artillery and mortar fire, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia reported.

The number of wounded Armenian troops had reached 3 as of 08:00. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces opened fire at the ambulance transporting the wounded troops, the ministry said.

“Units of the Armed Forces of Armenia are taking the necessary defensive-preventive measures,” the ministry added.

Armenian Ministry of Defense denies Azerbaijani reports on using ‘Iranian UAVs’



 08:41, 11 May 2023

YEREVAN, MAY 11, ARMENPRESS. As of 08:25 the Azerbaijani military continued shelling Armenian positions near Sotk with artillery and mortar fire, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia said in a update after the Azerbaijani forces launched the attack at 06:00 Thursday.

Units of the Armed Forces of Armenia are taking the necessary defensive-preventive measures, the ministry added.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani side continues spreading fake news. 

The Ministry of Defense denied Azerbaijani media reports claiming that the Armenian military is using ‘Iranian UAVs’.  The Ministry of Defense said that the Azerbaijani media reports are untrue and again stated that the Armenian military does not have Iranian UAVs in its arsenal.

Azerbaijan continues shelling Armenian positions in Sotk



 08:58, 11 May 2023

YEREVAN, MAY 11, ARMENPRESS. As of 08:45 the Armenian positions in the direction of Sotk were still under Azerbaijani gunfire, the Armenian Ministry of Defense reported.

The Armed Forces of Armenia are taking the relevant defensive-preventive measures, the ministry said, adding that the situation in other parts of the border is relatively stable.

Azerbaijan launched an artillery and mortar attack on Armenian positions near Sotk at 06:00, May 11.

Armenian military positions in Sotk under Azeri gunfire



 09:16, 11 May 2023

YEREVAN, MAY 11, ARMENPRESS. The situation in the direction of Sotk was unchanged as of 09:00, the Armenian Ministry of Defense said in an update.

The Armenian positions in Sotk are under Azerbaijani artillery and mortar fire since 06:00, May 11.

As of 09:00, the situation in the other parts of the border was relatively stable, the ministry added.

Armenpress: No significant ceasefire violations recorded on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border during the night




YEREVAN, MAY 13, ARMENPRESS. During the night, no significant violations of the ceasefire were recorded on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, ARMENPRESS reports, MoD Armenia informed.

As of 08:30, the situation on the front line is relatively stable.

On May 12, the armed forces of Azerbaijan regularly violated the ceasefire in the areas of Sotk, Kut and Verin Shorzha, using various types of weapons. As a result of Azerbaijan's aggression on May 12, one soldier was killed and 1 was injured from the Armenian side.