Asbarez: Armenian History Month at Glendale Library

GLENDALE—Glendale Library, Arts & Culture announced their celebratory programs paying tribute to the local Armenian community in a celebration of history and culture throughout April.  

The Central Library will present a celebration of Armenian Culture, History, and Heritage on Saturday, April 15, from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., during a large, joyous community event at the Central Library. This year’s theme is “Origins: A Celebration of Armenian Artists, Creators, and Inventors Who Have Made an Impact on the World.” The opening ceremony will begin at noon with remarks from Library, Arts & Culture Director Dr. Gary Shaffer.  

Additional events include poetry readings in English and Armenian, Armenian-themed crafts for all ages, and a class in Armenian calligraphy courtesy of the Armenian Artist’s Association. Raffi Joe Wartanian, Glendale’s inaugural Poet Laureate will be on site leading the public in writing a collective community poem.

Glendale Community College has collaborated with GLAC on a historical display of photos and visual representations of family heirlooms and artwork from GCC students and the Glendale community through a call for public submissions.  

The footage collected by the USC Institute of Armenian Studies will be on view throughout the day for patrons to listen to while they enjoy Armenian pastries and coffee offered by Glendale’s own Urartu Coffee.  

The highlight event will take place on the library’s main floor at 1:30 p.m. as Lernazang Ensemble leads a participatory workshop in traditional Armenian singing and dancing that uphold the memories of the lost homeland of Western Armenia.  

Community partners and exhibitors will be available throughout the event, including author Katia Tavitian, Armenian Relief Society of Western U.S.A, GALAS LGBTQ+ Armenian Society, USC Dornsife Institute of Armenian Studies, Glendale Community College, Armenian Artist’s Association, Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Chapter, Armenian Youth Federation, and Abril Books. 

On Wednesday, April 19, at 7:00pm Central Library will host a special conversation with Inna Sahakyan, Director of the film “Aurora’s Sunrise,” Armenia’s submission to the 2023 Academy Awards. The animated film is based on the life of Aurora Mardiganian, an Armenian Genocide survivor who, after her escape, became an actress in the United States and starred in the silent film, Auction of Souls (Ravished Armenia). The event will include clips, stills, and an in-depth discussion about the craft of making the film.  

The conversation with Inna Sahakian is also in conjunction with the City of Glendale’s Week of Remembrance. Visit the website to learn more about upcoming events and Glendale’s 22nd Annual Armenian Genocide Commemorative Event at the Alex Theatre on April 24th 2023, at 7:00pm. 

Glendale Library, Arts & Culture’s Armenian History Month is part of the library’s “Be the Change Series: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Antiracism.” 

“Be The Change” is the library’s promise to build a collective understanding of systemic racism, elevate the voices and stories of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and inspire our community to be the change through lectures, exhibits, and programming. 

The Armenian History Celebration will take place at Central Library at 222 East Harvard Street, Glendale, CA 91205, on Saturday, April 15, from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

Visit the website for details on all of the library’s events, resources, and more.  

For more information, please call Library information at 818-548-2021 or email Library staff at [email protected]

Known as the “Jewel City,” Glendale is the fourth largest city of Los Angeles County. With a population of more than 200,000, Glendale is a thriving cosmopolitan city that is rich in history, culturally diverse, and offers nearly 50 public parks, and easy access to a municipal airport. It is the home to a vibrant business community, with major companies in healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, retail, and banking.

Founded in 1907, the Glendale Library, Arts & Culture Department includes eight neighborhood libraries including the Brand Library & Art Center, a regional visual arts and music library and performance venue housed in the historic 1904 mansion of Glendale pioneer Leslie C. Brand, and the Central Library, a 93,000 square foot center for individuals and groups to convene, collaborate and create. The department also serves as the chief liaison to the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission which works to continually transform Glendale into an ever-evolving arts destination. Glendale Library Arts & Culture is supported in part through the efforts of the Glendale Library Arts & Culture Trust. For more information visit the Glendale LAC website, or contact Library, Arts & Culture at 818-548-2021 or via email at [email protected].

France Calls on Azerbaijan to Withdraw its Troops from Armenia

Armenian soldiers killed on Tuesday, clockwise from top left: Henrik Kocharyan, Artur Sahakyan, Mkrtich Harutyunyan and Narek Sarksyan

Baku Accuses France of ‘Smear Campaign”

In response to Azerbaijan’s attack on Armenia on Tuesday, that left four injured dead and six others injured, France’s foreign ministry called on Thursday called on Azerbaijan to withdraw its forces from Armenia.

The French foreign ministry expressed its “deep concern” over “violence near the Tegh settlement in Armenian territory on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan on April 11.”

“Respect for Armenia’s territorial integrity and the withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from occupied positions in the Armenian side of the line of contact are of significant importance for preventing future incidents and maintaining the foundations for sustainable peace in the region,” the French foreign ministry said.

“France fully supports the activities of the EU monitoring mission deployed on the Armenian side of the border, which plays a key role in reducing tension. France will continue to work with the EU to ensure adherence to the ceasefire, dialogue and resumption of negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” the French Foreign Ministry added.

The statement also touched on the issue of delimiting the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, saying that process “must take place exclusively through negotiations” and called on the parties to continue efforts in this direction.

Azerbaijan accused France’s foreign ministry of a “smear campaign” against Baku and said that it was spreading “disinformation” about Tuesday’s events.

Without elaborating, Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry said that France’s statements did not “reflect the reality.”

“The statement on the importance of a unilateral respect to the territorial integrity of Armenia by France, which has not called on Armenia to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, and has not demanded Armenia to withdraw the Armenian armed forces from the territories of Azerbaijan in accordance with the Trilateral statement and the outcome of the Prague meeting attended by the French President, is an example of France’s bias of France against our country,” Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry said.

“France, which did not make judgements on Armenia’s aggression and occupation policy while acting as a mediator in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict for nearly 25 years, did not try to resolve the conflict, and carried out a smear campaign against our country after Azerbaijan ended the occupation and resolved the conflict on its own, has once again demonstrated an unfair position with this statement,” official Baku added.

“We call on France to refrain from such statements that incite Armenia to make further provocations and support revanchist forces,” the Azerbaijani foreign ministry said.

U.S., Azerbaijan Discuss Military Pilot Training

Azerbaijan's deputy defense minister Ramiz Tahirov (right) with Deputy Commander of the U.S. National Guard (center) on Apr. 13

Azerbaijan’s deputy defense minister, who is also the country’s air force commender, is visiting the United States and has met with American officials to discuss widening military cooperation.

Ramiz Tahirov, the Azerbaijani official, met on Thursday with Deputy Commander of the U.S. National Guard, Lieutenant General Marc H. Sasseville, the Azerbaijani defense ministry said in a statement. The two discussed training of Azerbaijani military pilots in the U.S., as well as “other issues of mutual interest.”

Earlier Tahirov had met with the U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles Q. Brown, Jr., with whom he had discussed military cooperation and regional security issues, reported.

The meeting comes less than a week after the U.S. Intelligence Community issued a report in which it singled out Azerbaijan as an “aggressor” in the region.

The discussion of expanding military relations with Baku also goes counter to Congressional appeals to the departments of State and Defense, as well as the White House about cutting military assistance to Azerbaijan and maintaining the Section 907 provisions of the Freedom Support Act.

Asbarez: Second Azerbaijani Soldier Arrested in Armenia

A second Azerbaijani soldier who deserted his post was arrested in Armenia on Apr. 13

The second Azerbaijani soldier who crossed into Armenian territory on Monday was captured on Thursday and taken into custody by Armenian authorities, the defense ministry said in a statement.

On Monday, Azerbaijani defense officials reported that two of its soldiers were missing in action. Soon after, residents in local towns spotted one of the Azerbaijani soldier and immediately alerted the authorities. He was captured and arrested by Armenia’s National Security Services.

Speaking to parliament on Wednesday, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said that the first soldier deserted his unit because he was mistreated by his fellow soldiers.

The soldier who was captured on Thursday was found by local youths in the Achanan village in Armenia’s Syunik Province.

“My friend and I had left the village and were going to the city—Kapan. On the way we saw him in a Turkish [Azerbaijani] military uniform. We stopped, asked questions, and understood that he is a Turk [Azerbaijani]. Then my other friend Ashot came and we caught him. Then the police came and we told them what had happened,” a local resident of Achanan Gor Ohanjanyan told the site

“He was wet and dirty condition. He was carrying bullets, masks and several types of amunition. He was also holding a phone,” Ohanjanyan added.

The soldier who was captured on Monday showed up in Syunik’s Bnunis village and was later detained in another village—Ashotavan. He reportedly had knocked on the doors of local residents.

One of the residents who opened the door saw two masked individual and called the police. The soldier who was arrested on Monday was wearing civilian clothes, while his comrade managed to escape and avoided capture until Thursday.

Ohanjanyan, the local resident who caught the second Azerbaijani soldier told that the captive was carrying a phone and alleged that it belonged to a security officer found killed on Wednesday in the nearby Zangezur Copper mine.

[see video]

At 6:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday officials at the Kapan Medical Center told police that they had dispatched an ambulance to the copper mine where a man’s dead body had been found.

A spokesperson for Armenia’s Investigative Committee, Gor Abrahamyan, said his agency did not have information to indicate the person found at the copper mine was not killed by an Azerbaijani.

“At the moment, we have not received any information through investigation that the crime was committed by Azerbaijanis. If, beyond speculation, some people may have known, certain information about the perpetrators of the crime in general, then they can and are obligated to report [it] to the body conducting the proceedings,” Abramyan said in a social media post on Thursday.

RFE/RL Armenian Report – 04/13/2023


U.S., Armenian Officials Discuss Sanctions Against Russia

U.S. - U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo mees Armenian Deputy Prime 
Minister Mher Grigorian, Washington, April 11, 2023.

Senior U.S. officials appear to have pressed the Armenian government to comply 
with U.S. sanctions against Russia during talks held in Yerevan and Washington 
this week.

The issue was on the agenda of U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo’s 
meeting on Tuesday with Armenia’s visiting Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigorian.

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, Adeyemo “discussed recent economic 
developments in Armenia” and “highlighted the United States’ global efforts to 
prevent evasion of U.S. sanctions and export controls imposed on Russia.”

An Armenian government statement on the meeting made no mention of the 
sanctions. It said the two sides discussed a “wide range of issues” relating to 
bilateral U.S.-Armenian relations.

Khachatrian was accompanied by Deputy Finance Minister Eduard Hakobian and Armen 
Nurbekian, a deputy governor of the Armenian Central Bank

U.S. Assistant Commerce Secretary Thea Kendler visited Armenia on Monday. The 
U.S. ambassador in Yerevan, Kristina Kvien, tweeted that she joined Kendler in 
meeting with senior Armenian officials “to discuss Armenia’s continued 
commitment to upholding U.S. sanctions.”

Kvien said nothing about the results of the meetings with the chief of Prime 
Minister Nikol Pashinian’s staff, Arayik Harutiunian, Finance Minister Tigran 
Khachatrian and the secretary of Armenia’s Security Council, Armen Grigorian. 
There was no word on the sanctions, imposed after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, 
in official Armenian readouts of the talks.

Two other senior U.S. officials travelled to Yerevan last week for a session of 
the U.S.-Armenia Strategic Dialogue.

Last month, the U.S. departments of Justice, Treasury and Commerce issued a 
joint “compliance note” warning companies about the risk of violating the U.S. 
sanctions on Moscow. The notice said that third-party intermediaries have 
commonly used China, Armenia, Turkey and Uzbekistan as “transshipment points” to 
Russia as well as Belarus.

Armenia’s trade with Russia has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the war in 
Ukraine and the resulting Western sanctions.

Armenian exports to Russia nearly tripled, to $2.4 billion, last year. Goods 
manufactured in third countries and re-exported from Armenia to Russia are 
believed to have accounted for most of that gain.

Official Armenian statistics also shows that individual cash remittances from 
Russia to Armenia quadrupled to almost $3.6 billion. The soaring trade with and 
cash flows from Russia are the main reason why the Armenian economy grew by 12.6 
percent in 2022.

Another Azeri Soldier Detained In Armenia

        • Ruzanna Stepanian

Armenia - A screenshot of video of Syunik residents apprehending an Azerbaijani 
soldier, .

Armenian authorities detained on Thursday another Azerbaijani soldier who 
crossed into Armenia in unclear circumstances.

The reportedly unarmed soldier was spotted and apprehended by several men on a 
highway near Kapan, the administrative center of southeastern Syunik province. 
They handed him over to police.

“At first he claimed to be an Iranian. But he wore an Azerbaijani military 
uniform,” one of the men, Ara Sukiasian, told RFE/RL’s Armenian Service.

“We tied his hands and I told my wife to call the police so that they come and 
deal with him,” he said.

Law-enforcement authorities in Yerevan did not clarify whether the soldier is 
connected to another Azerbaijani serviceman who was detained on Monday in a 
Syunik village located about 100 kilometers northwest of Kapan. According to the 
Armenian military, the latter claimed to have crossed the Armenian border with 
Azerbaijan’s Nakhichevan exclave together with another soldier.

They deserted their army unit in Nakhichevan because of “being subjected to 
hazing and humiliation by other soldiers,” Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian 
claimed on Wednesday as the Armenian authorities continued looking for the other 
presumed fugitive.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported on Monday that two of its soldiers 
serving in Nakhichevan have done missing in heavy fog. It subsequently 
identified the conscripts as Akshin Bebirov and Huseyn Akhundov and asked 
international organizations to help repatriate them.

The Armenian authorities have still not released the identity of either soldier 
held by them in detention.

The second detention came one day after the killing of a security guard working 
for a Syunik-based mining company. The 56-year-old man was found shot dead 
outside a village located several kilometers from whether the second Azerbaijani 
was caught.

Another Syunik resident who apprehended him told that the soldier 
possessed the murdered guard’s mobile phone. Sukiasian said, however, that he 
“did not see the phone.”

Rumors about the Azerbaijani soldier’s involvement in the murder intensified 
after the circulation later on Thursday of an Instagram video of seemingly the 
same soldier bragging about killing Armenians and saying at the same time that 
“we are not traitors of our fatherland.”

A spokesman for Armenia’s Investigative Committee said afterwards that the 
law-enforcement authorities not yet have any evidence that the detained soldier 
committed the murder.

Armenia’s Border Guard Chief Sacked

        • Astghik Bedevian

Armenia - Colonel Arman Maralchian.

Opposition leaders accused Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian on Thursday of trying 
to dodge responsibility for continuing national security failures after he 
sacked the commander of Armenia’s Border Guard Troops.

The official, Arman Maralchian, was relieved of his duties on Wednesday one day 
after four Armenian soldiers were killed in fighting with Azerbaijani forces 
near the Armenian border village of Tegh.

Azerbaijani army units took up new positions in that area on March 30 after 
advancing into what Yerevan regards as sovereign Armenian territory. They 
completed a partial change of the route of the Lachin corridor connecting 
Armenia to Nagorno-Karabakh.

Pashinian and the National Security Service (NSS) initially downplayed the 
Azerbaijani advance but later acknowledged the loss of a large part of 
agricultural land and pastures belonging to Tegh’s farmers.

Pashinian’s political opponents blamed him for the fresh Azerbaijani territorial 
gains, saying that the Armenian army should have taken up positions along the 
Armenian side of the border section beforehand. They said that Pashinian not 
only failed to issue such an order but also declared on March 30 that from now 
on the Tegh area will be patrolled and protected by lightly armed border guards 
subordinate to the NSS, rather than army units.

The criticism intensified following Tuesday’s border clash, which also left at 
least three Azerbaijani soldiers dead.

Pashinian claimed on Wednesday that the deadly violence occurred because 
security officials failed to execute his “concrete instructions.”

“What happened should not have happened and it is clear, at least for me, that 
we need to investigate what happened there and why it happened,” he told the 
Armenian parliament.

Maralchian’s dismissal was announced shortly after Pashinian’s remarks. Armenian 
government officials and pro-government lawmakers declined to comment on it on 

Tigran Abrahamian, a senior lawmaker representing the opposition Pativ Unem 
bloc, said that Pashinian’s government is seeking to scapegoat security 
officials for its inability to defend the country.

“I believe that the sacking of the commander of the Border Guard Troops 
primarily stems from the authorities’ obsession with dodging political 
responsibility and finding scapegoats whom they can blame,” Abrahamian told 
RFE/RL’s Armenian Service.

France Demands Azeri Withdrawal From ‘Armenian Territory’

France -- The building of the French Foreign Ministry.

France accused Azerbaijan of occupying Armenia’s sovereign territory when it 
reacted late on Wednesday to the latest deadly clash on the border between the 
two South Caucasus states.

It said the fighting, which left at least seven soldiers from both sides dead, 
broke out Tuesday “in Armenian territory” near Tegh, a border village in 
Armenia’s Syunik province.

Azerbaijani army units took up new positions in the area on March 30 after 
advancing into what Yerevan regards as Armenian territory. Baku denies that they 
crossed the border.

“We reiterate that the delineation of the border must be achieved exclusively 
through negotiations, and we urge the Parties to continue their efforts to that 
end,” read a statement released by the French Foreign Ministry.

“Armenia’s territorial integrity must be respected and Azerbaijani forces 
occupying positions on the Armenian side of the line of contact must withdraw in 
order to prevent future incidents and preserve the foundations of a lasting 
peace in the region,” it said.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry condemned the “one-sided” statement and 
presented is as another example of France’s “biased attitude” towards Azerbaijan.

Unlike France, the European Union did not blame either side for the fighting. An 
EU foreign policy spokeswoman urged Armenia and Azerbaijan to withdraw their 
troops from the volatile border and respect each other’s territorial integrity.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian hailed the EU’s reaction on Thursday, saying that 
Yerevan has backed the idea of troop disengagement for the last two years. “Such 
a solution is hampered by Azerbaijan’s unconstructive position,” he said.

The Armenian military has said that Tuesday’s fighting erupted when its troops 
deployed just outside Tegh came under Azerbaijani fire. Baku has blamed the 
Armenian side for the escalation.

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Armenpress: FBI arrests 21-year-old Air Force guardsman in Pentagon leak case




YEREVAN, APRIL 14, ARMENPRESS. A member of the U.S. Massachusetts Air National Guard was arrested by the FBI on Thursday in connection with the leaking of classified documents that have been posted online, CNN reported citing U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The arrest of Jack Teixeira, 21, comes following a fast-moving search by the U.S. government for the identity of the leaker who posted classified documents to a social media platform popular with video gamers called Discord.

Teixeira was arrested in Massachusetts without incident, Garland said, and will be arraigned in federal court there. “This investigation is ongoing. We will share more information at the appropriate time,” the attorney general said, declining to answer questions.

The leaked documents posted to social media, some of which have been obtained by CNN, included detailed U.S. intelligence assessments of allies and adversaries alike, including on the state of the war in Ukraine and the challenges Kyiv and Moscow face as the war appears stuck in a stalemate.

Multiple US officials told CNN that Teixeira is believed to be the leader of the group where a trove of classified documents had been posted.

The Air Force released service details for Teixeira, an Airman 1st Class.

Teixeira is an enlisted airman at the Massachusetts Air National Guard, according to details from his service record released by the Air Force Thursday. He joined the service in September 2019 and his official job is Cyber Transport Systems journeyman. According to the Air Force, Cyber Transport Systems specialists are tasked with making sure the service’s “vast, global communications network” is “operating properly.”

New Ombudsperson meets staff




YEREVAN, APRIL 14, ARMENPRESS. The newly elected Human Rights Defender of Armenia Anahit Manasyan held a meeting with the staffers of the Human Rights Defender’s Office on April 14. Manasyan’s predecessor Kristinne Grigoryan also attended the meeting.

In her remarks, Manasyan said that assuming office is a great honor for her and that she’s happy that Grigoryan is also attending the meeting.

“An institutional approach towards the structure is highly important both for me, for Ms. Grigoryan and all our colleagues. Thus, it is important for us to show, also symbolically, the need for preserving the constantly improving traditions that developed since the formation of this institution,” Manasyan said.

Grigoryan congratulated Manasyan on being elected as Human Rights Defender.

“I wish you all the best. I will always care for this institution. I will be happy and proud of your successes,” Grigoryan said.

Lady Gaga appointed co-chair of U.S. President Joe Biden’s Arts and Humanities Committee




YEREVAN, APRIL 14, ARMENPRESS. American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga has been appointed as a co-chair of U.S. President Joe Biden’s Arts and Humanities Committee.

Lady Gaga has joined movie producer Bruce Cohen, 61, in being named by the U.S. President as two of the newest leaders of the prestigious body that has been tasked with “positively impacting the arts.”

The White House’s Twitter account posted on Thursday (13.04.23): "Welcome newly appointed members of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, led by @BruceCohen83 and @ladygaga!. We look forward to partnering to positively impact the arts, libraries, museums, and humanities work across the country."

A-listers including Jon Batiste, George Clooney, Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington Troy Kotsur and Jennifer Garner have also become members.

The committee dates back to 1982 and was founded to offer advice to the President on cultural matters and, until now, has typically been led by the First Lady.

Senior MP warns Azerbaijan of counterblow in the event of encroachment




YEREVAN, APRIL 14, ARMENPRESS. A senior lawmaker on April 14 praised the Armenian military for successfully repelling the Azerbaijani attack on April 11 near Tegh village and added that an internal investigation will be conducted into possible shortcomings in their actions, as noted by PM Pashinyan during the latest Cabinet meeting.

“The Prime Minister’s instructions can’t go unfilled. But shortcomings could happen. And we will be consistent in revealing them and bringing those guilty to account,” MP Andranik Kocharyan, the Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security Affairs said at a press briefing.

PM Nikol Pashinyan had said that they had predicted a potential Azeri provocation and relevant orders were issued to officials in charge in the event of such scenario. Pashinyan said, however, that the implementation of these orders was a failure.

Kocharyan said that yesterday’s closed meeting in parliament with the top brass sought to rule out such situations in the future.

“The Armenian Armed Forces gave a counterblow, and if our military didn’t act the way it did the Azerbaijani forces would’ve penetrated far deeper,” Kocharyan said, highlighting that the military’s capabilities must be on a level allowing it to fulfill its objectives. “What’s ours is ours, if the adversary is to make a further encroachment it should know that it will get a response. And here, the existence or non-existence of government instructions don’t matter, because the military must fulfill its objectives without instructions as well,” Kocharyan said.

He said an internal investigation will take place in the National Security Service, and if needed also in the military.

“The situation became clearer after yesterday’s discussion, the military fulfilled its objectives, we suffered casualties, but we stopped the adversary’s provocations,” he added.

The actions of the international community should be addressed. Khandanyan to the OSCE Chairman-in-office




YEREVAN, APRIL 13, ARMENPRESS. On April 13, the Chair of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Relations, the Head of the Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE PA) Sargis Khandanyan and the delegation members met with the delegation led by the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia Bujar Osmani, ARMENPRESS was informed from the parliament of Armenia.

Welcoming Bujar Osmani, Sargis Khandanyan underscored that, unfortunately the visit of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office coincided with the Azerbaijani next aggression on the territory of Armenia, because of which the Armenian side had casualties and wounded.

In the words of the Head of the Armenian delegation, because of the Lachin Corridor blocking by Azerbaijan the humanitarian situation deteriorates day by day in Nagorno Karabakh. According to Sargis Khandanyan, in the solutions of the created situation the actions of the international community should be distinct and addressed, taking into consideration the intention of Azerbaijan to implement the policy of ethnic cleansing.

According to the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, this visit documents that the raised issue is in the centre of their attention, and they are concerned about the existing security situation in the region. “Our goal is to promote the establishment of the stable peace in the region,” Bujar Osmani underscored and expressed hope that during his chairmanship it will be possible to record positive steps in this issue.

The Armenian parliamentarians spoke about the security complicated situation existing in the South Caucasus and the continuous efforts of Armenia aimed at the establishment of peace. The members of the Armenian delegation to OSCE PA reaffirmed that Armenia has no territorial requirements towards its neighbours and wants to ensure peaceful coexistence in the region. Reference was also made to Armenian prisoners of war being held in Azerbaijan, the implementation of the practical steps by the OSCE was highlighted in the issue of their return.

Issues on Armenia-OSCE long-term cooperation, as well as the development of relations with North Macedonia were discussed.