Armenia Tightens Border Control Measures for EEU Goods: A New Chapter in Trade Regulations

Feb 9 2024
Mazhar Abbas
In a significant shift, the State Revenue Committee (SRC) of Armenia has announced stringent border control measures for goods imported from the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) member states. The new regulations, effective immediately, target shipments that have undergone unloading, reloading, or other cargo operations in third countries during transit.

The SRC's decision marks a stark departure from previous practices, where such goods were still classified as EEU goods, and violations were met with warnings. However, the observed decline in discipline among carriers and the subsequent abuse of these lenient regulations have prompted the SRC to reevaluate its stance.

Under the new rules, goods will no longer be recognized as imported from an EEU member country if they have been subjected to cargo operations in third countries without the customs authority's permission. This policy holds true, except in cases of accidents or force majeure.

The ramifications of this policy change are far-reaching. Goods that do not match their transit declarations while being transported from an EEU country will now be treated and cleared as products of a third country. If these goods are not correctly formalized as third-country products, their importation will be banned.

Despite these stringent measures, entrepreneurs are not left without recourse. They will still have the opportunity to present other evidence to prove the EEU status of their products.

The SRC's decision to tighten border control measures is a clear indication of its commitment to maintaining regulatory discipline and preventing abuse of the system. This move is expected to foster a more transparent and accountable trading environment, ultimately benefiting both Armenia and its EEU partners.

Emil Lazarian

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