India’s Akash missile system can destroy not 4 but 64 targets simultaneously.

IG News, India
Dec 18 2023

India has done something that no country in the world has done so far. Because so far many countries in the world have claimed that they have systems that can target multiple targets at the same time, but no one has shown it yet. However, for the first time, India has released a video of hitting 4 targets simultaneously with the Akash missile system.

The Akash weapon system was originally designed and developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). This precision defense system in India has received orders from international customers. It is also regularly updated by DRDO scientists. This missile system was tested by India on December 12 at Surya Lanka Air Force Base.

Recently, the Philippines signed an agreement worth 375 million dollars with India to buy the BrahMos missile. China has a conflict with the Philippines on many issues, and is engaged in strengthening the defense system, in this situation it has also shown interest in the air defense system. At the same time, Egypt and Armenia have expressed their interest in purchasing the Akash defense system.

Akash is a short-range air-to-air missile system, which protects against air attacks. The Akash Weapon System (AWS) can engage multiple targets simultaneously in a group or independent mode. It has anti-counterfeiting (ECCM) facilities. The entire weapon system is optimized for mobile devices. Along with this there are 3 types of Akash, which range from 4.5 kilometers to 90 kilometers. It has the ability to easily shoot down helicopters, fighter jets, UAVs etc. Also, it automatically detects the target until it is killed.

Akash One has a range of 25 kilometers and can engage 4 targets simultaneously. In addition, the range of other species is 40 km. It can easily kill 12 targets. The extent of the third range is 90 km and is named Akash NG. If we talk about the NG variant, it has the power of 98 percent probability of killing. An Indian-made radar is installed on the NG, which can detect the enemy at a distance of 150 kilometers. Not only that, it is capable of killing 64 targets simultaneously.

In 2020, the Indian government approved the export of the Akash missile, after which 9 countries expressed their interest in purchasing it. Akash Technology is developed by DRDO and fully developed by Bharat Dynamics Limited. Bharat Dynamics Limited’s order book confirms that Akash will soon be delivered to Armenia. Until now, Armenia used to buy 94 percent of its weapons from Russia, but after the war in Ukraine, Russia refused to supply arms to Armenia. After that Armenia negotiated an arms deal with the Indian government. Until now, Armenia uses the Russian-made Pichora 125. However, he is currently upgrading his air defenses.