Representatives of institutions of Armenian community in Jerusalem visited Patriarch Theophilos

Dec 18 2023

Representatives of institutions of the Armenian community in Jerusalem engaged in a momentous visit to the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, where, Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem, graciously received them. The meeting served as a platform for community representatives to express gratitude, discuss recent existential challenges, and seek guidance from the Patriarch.

In light of recent adversities stemming from the aggressive actions of Israeli radicals, the Armenian community highlighted the lack of restraint by the Israeli police. The source of contention revolves around an illegitimate land deal concerning Church property, mirroring a situation akin to that of the Orthodox Patriarchate Jaffa Gate properties.

During the meeting, the community representatives extended their gratitude to Patriarch Theophilos and presented an official letter outlining the complexities they face. They passionately appealed for assistance in resolving the issues, acknowledging H.B.’s pivotal role in safeguarding the interests of the Christian community in Jerusalem.

In response, Patriarch Theophilos expressed his awareness of the challenges faced by the Armenian community and assured them of His commitment to providing support. The Patriarch of Jerusalem recommended that the community should collaborate closely with their spiritual leadership, emphasizing the imperative of unity among Christian communities to fortify the Christian presence in the Holy Land.

Patriarch Theophilos extended His blessings to the Armenian community, lauding their courageous initiative in addressing the prevailing challenges. As the meeting concluded, the Patriarch conveyed His heartfelt wishes for a blessed Christmas season, fostering a spirit of hope and solidarity among the Christian brethren in Jerusalem.

This interaction stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Patriarch Theophilos to advocate for unity, peace, and justice within the fervent Christian communities of the Holy Land.