Arman Tatoyan: Azerbaijanis are building wide concrete roads, bunkers, infrastructure in Armenia
Armenia –

We know that the Azerbaijanis have invaded the sovereign territories of Armenia, and it is obvious that they have no intention of leaving. Arman Tatoyan, director of the Tatoyan Foundation and the former ombudsman of Armenia, told this to a press conference Friday, presenting the new special report that was prepared jointly with attorney Siranush Sahakyan, the Armenian prisoners of war’s representative at the European Court of Human Rights.

"No matter how much they [i.e., the Azerbaijanis] talk about [border] delimitation, international principles, their actions speak of something completely different. They are entrenched in the territories inside the border of Armenia. For example, I was in Syunik Province two, three months ago and I had gone [there] ten days ago; the difference is obvious in how they entrench themselves in the sovereign territory of Armenia.

"They have set up positions in the administrative area of Nerkin Hand village of Syunik, a few months ago they had built a small building; after a few months—big buildings, infrastructures, roads already. We had recorded the same thing after September 13-14 in the region of Jermuk [city]; after a few months, they were even constructing wide concrete roads, bunkers, etc.,” Tatoyan said.

He emphasized that the Azerbaijanis aim to make the life of the Armenian civilian population impossible, to force people to leave, which we see today in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) as well.

"They deprive the people of water, seize the springs on purpose, people cannot use their lands, pastures. There are people, family, human destinies behind every meter of land," Tatoyan added.