Only specific military units are included in the declared partial mobilization. Artsakh Information Headquarters



 18:16, 5 August 2022

YEREVAN, AUGUST 5, ARMENPRESS. Artsakh Information Headquarters, taking into account the various public discussions regarding the partial military mobilization, has issued a clarifying message.

ARMENPRESS reports, the message particularly reads,

"Taking into account the various public discussions about the partial military mobilization, we consider it appropriate to come up with an additional clarification.

Due to the increased tension in the line of contact in the recent days, there has been a need to recruit separate military units and military or civilian positions. For that reason, by the decree of the President of Artsakh, a partial mobilization was declared, which, unlike the general mobilization, is a mobilization of a part of the armed forces of the state based on the specific situation and the tasks of the armed forces at the given moment. In each case of a partial military mobilization, the scale of military mobilization and the degree and number of subjects involved are determined by the competent authorities.

Therefore, only specific military units are included in the declared partial mobilization, and only the citizens attached to those units receive notifications. This means that those who have not received notification, there has been no decision for mobilization for their military units. The notifications were sent to all persons attached to the given military units, without any discrimination, including officials, who are involved in military service.