Yerevan.Today: Several hundred soldiers urgently evacuated and demobilized from Artsakh in middle of night

Armenia – Aug 3 2022

Last night panic broke out in the military units of Artsakh at once. The command gave the alarm to the conscripts on duty and they quickly assembled and went down to the military units. informed that they would be demobilized early, reports Yerevan.Today.

At night, buses quickly organized themselves and came to the military units to transport the troops to Armenia as quickly and discreetly as possible, and after midnight, more than a dozen buses left simultaneously.

The troops were brought into Yerevan at night and dropped off near the Monument to Labor Glory; because of the panic, they didn't have time to tell all the parents to meet the early demobilized children at the old Monument to Labor Glory site. Most of the soldiers camped out on the sidewalks and greeted the dawn in Yerevan.

Yerevan.Today contacted early demobilized soldiers and their relatives from Kotayk, Ararat, who confirmed the information. The families were happy to have met their children alive and well, but were dismayed that the demobilization dates had been broken and their sons had been sent home prematurely and forcibly. "We are in shock. We took one restaurant on August 11 and another on August 16. We gave it to the army for entertainment. But now they came ten days earlier, and it's obvious that this is what Aliyev wanted… The situation is tense, our guys were demoted from their positions and sent home to destroy Artsakh, Artsakh will remain defenseless," the parents said.

"Azerbaijan gave time on Monday, but the Armenian army remained in its positions, on Tuesday the enemy realized that it was necessary to escalate the situation. The guys told about the attempts of sabotage groups to penetrate in different directions in recent days, provocations to go out without firing. It turns out that the Armenian government took note of the "deadline" back on Tuesday, and we were frightened, spreading panic, that we were evacuating the army so it would not start again on September 27. This is the reality. They devastated Artsakh in order to give it to the Turks. And it was actually done without negotiations. It was done in a few hours. I don't know who will answer to whom for these concessions," the Yerevan.Today interlocutor said.