Restraining Turkey’s aspirations is a necessity – ANC Middle East Director shares her views





YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 24, ARMENPRESS. Taking into account the developments in the Middle East Armenia should actively work with the Arab world for both pushing forward its own interests and countering the Turkish-Azerbaijani anti-propaganda, Director of Armenian National Committee of the Middle East Office Vera Yacoubian told Armenpress.

“Overall, I would say that Armenia has taken little actions for intensifying the relations with the Arab world. It should have been done years before, especially when there was a firm ground for that, I mean the Armenian communities in that countries. Today more than ever Armenia should intensify its ties with the Arab world in different areas, counterbalancing Azerbaijan-Turkey anti-propaganda”, she said, adding that today Armenia doesn’t have any obstacle from this perspective. In this context, she highlighted the recent visit of the Armenian Foreign Minister to Egypt where he met with the top officials. The Arab press positively reacted to this visit and the meetings.

“I think that Armenia must have its place in these new fronts which are being formed in the region, should be able to create close ties with the main Arab fronts through active political relations in order to counterbalance Turkey-Azerbaijan anti-propaganda”, she added.

“Turkey is acting in the context of its expansionist aspirations – Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey takes every measure to destabilize the region and engage its opponents into side-to-side conflicts. In other words, it seeks to deviate the attention of the international community from its real goals”, she said. In order to restrain Turkey’s expansionist aspirations, Vera Yacoubian highlighted the initiative by Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Italy and Israel on forming a regional gas format, which means that these countries are preparing an anti-Turkish front trying to curb Turkey’s expansionist goals.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan

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