Turkish playwright writes exciting letter on Hrant Dink’s death anniversary

Turkish playwright writes exciting letter on Hrant Dink’s death anniversary




YEREVAN, JANUARY 19, ARMENPRESS.  Turkish novelist and playwright Adalet Ağaoğlu sent an exciting letter to Hrant Dink’s family and “Agos” newspaper on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of Dink’s murder. ARMENPRESS presents the letter pusblished in Agos.

‘'Family of my much beloved Hrant Dink, 'Agos' periodical…

Hrant Dink, my brother, I do not forget you even for a second. I remember you alive during the conferences on peace, standing together with us. It was important that an open-minded person, who is opposed to violence and stands for peace like you talked about such topics. I do not forget for a minute. You talked so beautifully that, believe me, every time I wanted to hug you with enthusiasm. It's a pity, great pity. Violence took you away from us. I have always been against violence, but when we lost you as a result of violence, my convictions reinforced.

Dear Hrant, when once I heard that you were taken to the court I immediately came in front of ‘Agos’. I was shouting ‘I will not give you to anyone’. We together were trying to prevent your imprisonment. What a pity you fell victim to violence. I miss you very much, Hrant Dink.

My Hrant Dink. I and my husband bowed in front of your memory and greatness. I lost my husband who respected you very much in July. So I became even smaller, but I still resist. The best thing I can do for the memory of both of you is that I do not abandon my own ideas and moving forward along my own path’'.

Edited and translated by Tigran Sirekanyan

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