BAKU: MP: Certain circles in Russia do not want to take Azerbaijan’s interests into account

Azeri-Press news agency (APA), Azerbaijan

MP: Certain circles in Russia do not want to take Azerbaijan's
interests into account

The liquidation of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress (VAK) is one
of the last examples of Russia's attitude towards Azerbaijan, Fazil
Mustafa, Azerbaijani MP, Chairman of the Great Establishment Party
told APA.

He was commenting on the cancellation by Russia's Supreme Court of the
VAK registration on the suit of the Russian Justice Ministry on May

'Despite Azerbaijan's efforts to build neighborly relations with
Russia, certain circles in Russia do not want to take Azerbaijan's
interests into account and does not avoid taking the most drastic
steps against Azerbaijan,' he said.

Fazil Mustafa noted that these circles merely do not want there to be
any organization in Russia serving Azerbaijan's interests.

'They want VAK to be an organization that is directly controlled from
the Kremlin and that fulfills Kremlin's desires. The Congress has
always supported the current government of Russia and never taken any
step against the Kremlin. But what seems to be the case is that they
desire an organization which is absolutely loyal to them and which
speaks out against Azerbaijan. There are differences in views. By
having taken such a step, they demonstrated their attitude towards the
Azerbaijani state, which is unlikely to develop in positively,' he

The MP added: 'The Azerbaijani government has already expressed its
discontent over the VAK liquidation and the Azerbaijani public is
quite sensitive towards this issue. This discontent would probably
force Russia to rethink to some extent and it can give up this

He stressed that the VAK liquidation is not a legal but a political step.

'If this decision was not politically motivated, the organization
which represents an ethnic group in Russia wouldn't be allowed to be
damaged in such way. Taking such a step in a place where over a
million Azerbaijanis live is not good for the government. The
fulfillment of such a political decision is actually the product of
narrow-mindedness,' the MP said.

Speaking to APA of the VAK liquidation, political analyst Gabil
Huseynli said that such a step stems from the pro-Armenian position of
anti-Azerbaijani forces in Russia which are trying to strain relations
between Russia and Azerbaijan.

'Russia has recently given pleasant gifts to Armenia like the creation
of a joint Russian-Armenian armed group headed by an Armenians, free
provision of Armenia with a large number of modern weapons, including
Iskander missiles. As if some dictates Armenia to withdraw from the
negotiation process, which is now in a state of stagnation,' he noted.

Huseynli went on to say: 'In addition, Armenia further increased
military rhetoric and is trying to exasperate Azerbaijan through
threats and blackmails. The situation on the frontline remains tense,
the settlements of Azerbaijan are under fire. However, our army is
giving adequate responses. In other words, Armenia is trying to
involve Azerbaijan in a large-scale war through provocations.'

The political analyst said he believes that the VAK liquidation aims
to revive and restore AzerRoss, an organization headed by Soyun
Sadigov under patronage of Azerbaijan's former deputy prime minister
Abbas Abbasov.

Emil Lazarian

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