Keeping Up with the Kardashians: North baptized at an Armenian church

This week was episode 15 season 10 of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which aired last night on . The episode continues with showing Kim and Khloe’s trip to Armenia, including Kanye giving a surprise performance (which made international headlines at the time). As well as continuing to show certain family members struggling with Caitlyn’s transition, according to

The episode begun with showing Khloe, Kim, Kanye and North touring some historical landmarks in Armenia. Before they head off to Jerusalem to get North baptized, Kanye decides to perform a free concert in one of Armenia’s town squares. The concert brings out thousands of Armenian fans and eventually gets shut down as the crowds get out of hand. Unfortunately, the next morning Khloe finds out about the huge event and is frustrated that Kim didn’t invite her to see Kanye perform.

In Jerusalem, Kim, Kanye and Khloe take North to get baptized at the Armenian church. In an intimate ceremony, North gets baptized, while Kim expresses how grateful she is for being able to do this while being pregnant with another child.

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Kris goes over to Kourtney’s house and tries to convince her to let her take her piano. Kris wants the piano, as she has decided to take up piano lessons in order to focus on something positive and get her mind off of the overwhelming emotions she has been feeling since Caitlyn decided to transition.

The gang gets back for Armenia. Shortly after, Khloe heads over to Kendall’s condo and talks to her about the upcoming premiere of the About Bruce special which was coming up. Khloe explains that the whole family is anxious about the special as all of their emotions were “very raw” in it. Kendall claims she is “alright” and has been focusing on her career, however she has yet to meet Caitlyn. Kendall explains she has been hesitant to meeting her because this would signify that Bruce is really gone.

Later in the episode, Kim invites Khloe and Kris to join her at one of Kanye’s concerts. Kim wants Kris to be able to “be in the moment” and have fun, since she has been in a rut for the past while. Unfortunately, Kris isn’t in the mood and is clearly not having a fun time like Khloe and Kim. She reveals she would much rather be “in [her] pajamas and be in bed by [herself].”

The episode also showcases the day of the Billboard Music Awards (which is on the same day as the premiere of the About Bruce special). Unfortunately, Kendall is on the red carpet representing Balmain for H&M, leaving Kylie to fend for herself. The pressure gets to Kylie and she finds herself unable to give any interviews since she is alone and none of her sisters are there to relieve the pressure.