Plaque dedicated to Armenian Genocide unveiled in Marseille

The plaque reading ā€œ1915-2015: 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocideā€ was solemnly unveiled on the front of ā€œMaison Blancheā€ ā€“ the administrative building of the 9-10th district of Marseille on June 4.

The event was attended by Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland Charles Aznavour, President of the Urban Community ofĀ Marseille Provence MĆ©tropole Guy Teissier, Head of the 9-10th district of Marseille, MP Valerie Boyer, Armenian Consul in Marseille Samvel Laylayan, Deputy Mayors, representatives of the local self-government, heads of Armenian and French organizations, journalists, representatives of the Armenian community.

The speakers at the event attached importance to the importance of commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide for Armenians and the international community and hailed Charles Aznavourā€™s participation and contribution to the process of international recognition of the Genocide.

Mayor Lionel Royer-Perreaut decorated Charles Aznavour with a memorial medal of the honorary citizen of the 9-10th district. Later on a plaque reading ā€œCentennial Olive Tree from Charles Aznavourā€ was unveiled in the park of Maison Blanche.

The event was widely covered in French media. The events dedicated to Armenia will continue at the Marseille City Hall for 10 days.